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If you're white, they don't want anything to do with you
And I can't blame 'em

(ayo, ayo)
(Peace, yo)

[Verse 1: MF DOOM]
The mask was haunting
Something's out of jaw, but the cast was daunting
Natural born king who ignored all warnings
Felt compelled as hell as he switched off the on spring
(knock knock)
Quit the chatter, you're stuck now
Done deal really didn't matter the f*ck how
Kapow, the door crashed with a roaring thud
Reminded him of some sh*t he saw in C.H.U.D., it was pouring blood
Resemblance was staunch
In his right poor, poor, minster's haunch
Fresh kill, he gave a confused look
Message in telepathy, "Why you so shook?"
Who's shook? I look shook to you? Pork, pork
The sh*t remind him responded in thought talk
Couldn't creep up on it with your best ninja stalk walk
Bigger than Dayton New York, bugger than Mork from Ork
It's just a flesh wound, I need some water
Drudgy piece of deer steak, caught it last slaughter
You got that? Huh? Oh the canteen
Get that clean careful not to contract the Gangrene
I should of ate it but then I'd be a murderer
From where I was sitting at I couldn't reach the burner bruh
And she would read his mind and smack him with the furniture
Then the b*tch disappeared and tipping Becks and burn wit cha

Burn wit cha, for your girl
Next time it come DOOM, trying to smoke
Trying to burn?

[Verse 2: MF DOOM]
I came in to the forest to finish this last record
I knew it was a female, since it was ass naked
Sneak up while I'm in the woods splittin' blunts
The pus*y was good, I only hit it once
(I'll be back, see you later)
The pus*y was good, I only hit it once
Better wash that meat, heartbeat sound like sasquatch feet
Clean that meat, heartbeat sound like sasquatch
(made me nut twice)
While you at it get the mask washed

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