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DJ Esco

"$hmurda Gang"

Mob gang, $hmurda gang
Freebandz gang
Free $hmurda's n*gga
Ah ah ah

[Verse 1]
I'm a pull up on a f*ck n*gga
We got Draco's in the truck with us
Can't no n*gga really f*ck with us
I got Johnny in a cut
I got Swerky in a cut
It's a choppa in a cut
And I'm still in stories n*gga
Selling packs I need a cut
Plenty bands got shorty
I got bags now shorty
Got the 40, run up on me
I ain't playing round shorty
Got a n*gga down
It's a man down
Got a shooter for me
He ain't playing round
Ain't a n*gga tried me
Dare a n*gga cross me
Let the f*cking bird hang
He ain't coming off me

[Verse 2]
Free Ashino with the mag
They gave my youngin fourteen
I was laying n*ggas down since I was like fourteen
Free my n*gga Baby Seth he made first forty eight
Shooters quick they probly hit you with the first forty eight
Stay quiet manslaughter all the day my n*gga ate
Where my n*gga kept the solid boy that n*gga hella hate
I got busy in adreni's knock offs on my resume
When I ride on sh*t and kill em probly wouldn't a call my case
Momma steak but it's cool ain't no pressure I can't take
Fill a crate play with Hen boosie put em in his place
Gave my n*gga Poopie twelve cause he brought out yellow tape
He the type to kill big or small one in yo mama face
Free Latura red dot
Gave yo boys some headshots
p*ssing on these n*ggas graves tell em f*ck the dead ops
Free Yale, Free Chuck, Free Lou, Free Luck
Free Bimma, Free Fima bad dawgs locked up
Rubber band, money gang they know n*ggas how this do
We ain't snitching f*ck twelve
We go hard like buttermilk
All my RDK n*ggas pull up and start on them
I got killas up the way if we drumming pardon them

Aye, aye, aye we gon pull up get to squeezing hoe
I make sure you never bring yo ass to prelim hoe
My shooters up whoever say we beefing hoe
I can't tell you who that mud about a week ago

[Verse 3]
You don't rock how I rock
All these n*ggas fake as f*ck they ain't shot what I shot
They ain't really getting money, they ain't got what I got
He might got a lil wave he ain't hot how I'm hot
Ah, ah, ah, had my chopper send it to a lil boy
Shot that sh*t when other n*ggas goofy boy, not with I
You can catch me still on nose at the stove, what he wah
n*gga said he went on Doe for a no
Free Juan, Free Tess, he don't even see the chalk
n*gga said he gonna smoke pus*y I ain't even cough
Had my check gang n*ggas, cash em all, what you thought
I was soft, then you lost
Think again, I'm a boss
Yeah I was gon spray you n*ggas
Changed my mind, f*ck that
We gon pull up bust first n*gga we don't press back
Really god in my city, n*ggas know I run that
Had yo momma crying cause she ain't gon get her son back
Run away with money B, then he on his way back
Now my n*ggas come and K you all so we laid back
Free hood, kick his door n*gga where yo safe at
Ain't gon tell me f*cking murder man pussies face back, b*tch

[Verse 4]
We gon pull up on a f*ck n*gga
Rubber band smell that gang who can f*ck with us
Think this sh*t a game till we touch n*ggas
Three times to my fellas I say brap n*gga, gang
Brap, brap

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