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"Oochie Wally"

What up don don
We bout to take this sh*t to New York
Kno' what I'm sayin' B ow-wee

I got the biscuit, no gravy on it
Glock like an open receiver there's no safety on it
Keep the four pounds like a newborn baby
That was born premature from a crack head lady
I went broke from being friendly so it's f*ck you pay me
My di*k won't work for free so to f*ck me pay me
I feel like Eminem, I'm the real Slim Shady
I had more rap sons than Shawty Lo had babies
The sniper got a scope that can see to the islands
And it sends good connect like it's made from Verizon
Bow, Can ya hear me now
Hood n*gga
If life was a jacket I'd probably be in the hood n*gga
If like was a car I'd probably be in the hood n*gga
TSF like Death Row I had to Suge n*ggas
Blood whippin up in the park like the wood n*gga
Three piece drop him and stomp him where he stood n*gga
Screaming Boogie, Boogie, Boogie Blood Gang
If you ain't in Blood Gang n*gga don't bang
Come up in my section wit that plexi and let them shells rain
Bullets falling like the Rain Man you got serve man
Make 'em dance like Omarion
Walking in the public with big guns that's what I be on
Walking in the club with big guns that's what I be on
Walking in the *breath in* Church with guns that what I be on
I don't matter where I'm at
Ima always keep the strap
Ima always pull in back and pop it like a Pringles cap
Ima always pull it back and sling it like a fishing trap
Catch a n*gga in the net, deflate his whole thinkin' cap
Now it's leakin' on his shoulder
You know his life is over
Took a half a second, he was laid like an Anchovy
I done got some rings out this b*tch you swear I coached Kobe
Scars on my back 'cuz I ain't wanna say "My name Toby"
Call me Sauce Kunta Kinte
Oom Bop Bop Bop let my brothers out the damn cage
I can't be a prisoner
Money on my perimeter
All this chains hurtin' my neck it's time to hit the gym
I ain't lying you can hear them hoes
All this jewelry of mine and I ain't sold back a lick of gold
n*ggas buyin' Stainless AP dippin 'em in gold
n*ggas buyin' silver Rolex dippin' em in gold
Not me f*ck fake it till you make it
f*ck a watch, I went and spent 20 on a bracelet
Brought some earrings and put some on my first place b*tch
That make her look gorgeous way better than face lift
She want eye filler but she already flawless
I told her she ain't need 'em but she went way harder
I said "f*ck it den b*tch come place your order"
The doctor in Miami f*ck it then we going to Florida
I been doing rap business like Sean Carter
Phone stay going dead I can't keep enough chargers
All this b*tches thirsty I can't keep enough water
Police killin' n*ggas we can't enough fathers

Police killin' n*ggas we can't enough fathers
Black Lives Matter n*gga
f*ck the police n*gga
Sauce, tha sauce, Sorry 4 the Sauce
Oh yea I forgot
This what the science said son
You understand son
This what the math is over here
Yea, over here
This what the science is B
Word, word to mutha

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