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"Mr. Drip Doe"

Know what im talkin bout you feel me
You know what im saying
H-Town n*gga you feel me
But imma take this sh*t back to mother f*cking Balifornia one more time you know what im talking bout

Ay waddup Homie
[?] Park blood

[Verse 1]
Oh lord here go them sauce drippin bast*rds, i just bought a new benz just to knock a bad b*tch
Walk in the grocery store with the chopper in my basket
I had to thank the b*tch for the 40 racks when i grabbed it
Before i hit the set grabbed the yeeeky under the matress
Cause shawty f*cked all the homies that ain't a bad b*tch
She got hella bodies i seen her with everybody
Homie tried to keep it a secret we tellin everybody
[?] with the kick start homie got no stripes on the set he got b*tch heart
Only active n*ggas around me when all the sh*t start, i know absoloutley he letting the fire stick bark
Catch me riding through the cutty wit my blood buddies, slide through the next big whoop and all the bloods love me
Got crips drippin through the streets over here [?] eastcost cause my sauce pimpin family
Yeah im good in the land and thats on mammas but i still slide around with a few llamas
Broke your dusty ass b*tch for a few commas, swooped her ass up she was tired of the bore problems

Scoobed the b*tch off big homie
You know that sh*t slap blood
You know that sh*t slap
Say blood what set you from homie

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