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Big Sean

"We Ge High"

Feeling like I'm on the come up
And I'm never gon come down
Lil somethings Got me smoking when the sun up
And it's potent till its sun down
You know that we be toking When we run up
Let me give you all a rundown
And these b*tches be running round with their guns up
That's enough listen up put the gun down
Don't you ever come round here with your dumb sounds near
Thinking you something I'll show you Som right here
You ain't know nothing man you ain't from round here
Got Canada Repping the only one round here
Who put it on right here
Flow so cold got the ozone froze with a song right here
Do it for dollars you got it wrong right here
With the knowledge you showing gon need a gong right here
Been a long lightyear
Couple of moments feels like a couple of comas when hitting bong right here
Finally ready it's been a long time coming
And my aim too steady got the whole town running
And I lived in the east of the o town bunning
When the game get heavy I'm a go down gunning
And we been about that until we can step back
With a couple rap tracks and just Throw round money

Oh my that boy he fly
With a little bit of fire he skies
Been Straight rapping no reprise
A little bit of kush what i requires
What I desire the life of an emcee
Cruise round daily with the tank almost empty
Tryna make a living with a pad and a pen
Please don't be fibbing if you know me you know me
Highs are high yeah but the lows are low
So when it's time to ride yeah I'm a blow some more
Bout that time we should go before
You get half a heartbreak a 404
When we throw lines no time for the sentiments
Give me four five Finna wild need a sedative
Got a dope mind and the grind in my rhetoric
Little more time and youll find
We the predators and every other rapper down the chain
Been in it for a minute with no winning Tryna maintain
Coming out the villy with nothing else but my name and
Running with no finish is making me go insane man
24 7 365 days Tryna get in to heaven but hell is get' in my way
Talked to a reverend who said he'll put in good say
Then he caught Tryna get him a kid the very next day
What can i say man the world's a wild place
And every thing going on has got me puffing on haze
Making my way to the front lines there
Yeah we come a long way from the bunk downstairs
Too dope for opening sets
Trying get a Audemar with no cheque
So we been Overloading that bowl we rolling that dope to cope and we get

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