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Army of the Pharaohs

"Make Alotta Money"


[Verse 1: Apathy]
I'mma make a lot of friends and I'mma make a lot of foes
I'mma make a lot of songs and I'mma make a lot of dough
I'mma make a lot of kids angry when I let 'em know that
I'mma quit rappin' if they don't support it anymo'
They ain't buying records but they comin' to my shows
'cuz they can't download a performance or buy clothes
You sucka' motherf*ck'a, I hope you decompose
Hope somebody make you work for free then see how it goes
I'mma make a lot of paper then quit this crazy scene
Used to read articles in The Source magazine
No matter what, nothin' ever f*cked with my dream
'til I had to grow up and then it f*cked with my cream
All that glitters not gold it would seem
I got props from Rakim, got props from Preme
But props don't pay my bills or fill stomach's
So either I'mma make some money or say f*ck it

I'm gonna make a lot of money
Then I'm gonna quit this crazy scene

[Verse 2: Apathy]
Shout out to the DJ's who used to carry mad heavy crates
Rocked parties, paid dues, and become heavyweights
Then along came these vultures, not half as nice
But they got serato and charge clubs half the price
f*ckin' up the dude who spent half his life
Studyin' the techniques and made the sacrifice
And celebrities get paid to play their ipod
Sounding like a train-wreck (oh my god)
I'mma student like a mutant at Xavier school's
Did my homework, paid dues, obeyed the rules
So I'mma make alotta money 'cuz it's never guranteed
It's not about greed it's just tryin' to succeed
I live, eat, sleep, breathe, and bleed
Rap sh*t, that's it, really all I need
I just wanna pay bills maybe have a a couple seeds
Get money, green, cheddar, cream, paper, dough, cheese


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