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Army of the Pharaohs


[Verse 1: Esoteric]

It's time. Yeah, it's time. Yo, yo

It's time to think about the repercussion
That could lead to heaters busting
And people cussing, and each of us in
Danger with a stranger, aiming to rearrange ya
Story so they can hang ya
Amplifying anger cause they blind
I couldn't find piece of mind with these rednecks
Sending death threats to my cell and landline for that
East Coast avengers, kill Bill O'Reilly track
Right-wing attack, they thought we were blacks
Hoping to attack, calling us uncensored versions of the N-word
"f*ck the East Coast Avengers", that's all I heard
Plus my wife was eight months pregnant
When they had us on that Keith Olberman MSNBC segment
So flagrant, I was creeping and stepping, sleeping with a weapon
For the death threats that I was getting
Me, DC and Trademark, doing radio spots
While the feds was raiding our spots
We were spitting in the face of Fox
I'm on the government list
I still got like-minded fans
Bumpin' their fists to something like this
f*ck Bill O'Reilly, he had to get dissed
And f*ck censoring my sh*t, dog I'm magic at this
Every action got a reaction so if you diss somebody with passion
Brace for repercussions, it's bound to happen

Some beef is big, and some beef is small
What y'all call beef is not beef at all

[Verse 2 - Ill Bill]

Grim reaper repercussions, nine-milli' bustin'
Creeps and dustheads
Enemies of police that bust leads
Did a song called, How to Kill a Cop
Gave it to HOT 97, they play it the same week Diallo got shot
Then channel 9 put me on prime time news
I shouldn'ta done it, that was foolish for a guy in my shoes
Publicity's cool, but not all that glitters is good
Now I'm really on the radar of the pigs in my hood
People that barely knew my name now saying that Billy was good
Elevator, autograph-haters just jealous of the kid
Little bit of fame, little bit of money but big balls
My girl at the time worked on Rikers for Rick Ross
That "How to Kill a Cop" guy
Got my di*k sucked by a policewoman, licenced with a Glock nine
Not all repercussions are bad, I was glad
Until I found out that the police chief was her dad


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