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Army of the Pharaohs



'Alien Warfare' aviators in the sky
Barbarian pride created a beat for my rhymes
Deep below covert, completely ensconced in my work
My work takes place below the dirt
A color darker than black, what's darker than that
I tell you, a light gradiant that does not refract
I sit on a stone bench completely undisturbed in a sense
At the bottom of the Marianas Trench
In a Plexiglas cube with a three hundred and sixty degree view
Spinning in a giant megaplume
Contemplating death or doom, trying not to behave consumed
But I can't seem to do it, can you
Don't be anti-patriotic, long winded and short sighted
Your logic is probably composed of counterfeit knowledge
Go to college, learn how to build a nuclear rocket
Learn how to live without it after you learn how to survive it
If you like me, write about it, put it on your album
Get the most savage MC to be your co-pilot
Rhyme knowledge, nothing but space pilot avionics
On board the Polaris invented by Jack Carson
Underwater, my insignia's the silver dolphin
On the dolphin scanner talking, hammerhead shark stalking
Soft oriental carpets, artifacts and other objects
A conservative life, but its honest I promise
Boots always stay spit-shine polished
Ever since war college, graduated with honours
Dionysus knowledge, my cross hairs spit beautiful flowers
In the shower with Jessica Alba
Scrubbing her skin with gunpowder
I can't talk to y'all n*ggas right now, Ill be out in an hour
Enter the confirmation code, Canibus flow tabulated below
The payload deflagrated your home
Deflagrate a rapper's face then lie about how he passed away
I told that bast*rd he had to pay
Professor of fragology watching a G-shock anomaly
Wanna talk about it? Talk to me
I know you can't see the rhyme 'cause the flows too fast
Below C equals mass, beyond C, no mass
Bomb your army as soon as they call me
The real 'Ikari Warriors' taught me then lost me
Repeat the oath in the name of the occult
Even from overseas I perceive your pulse
Close calls, call close, remember all the quotes
The bars I wrote to harness your hope

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