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DJ Snake

"Love On Fire"

[Hook: Shontelle] (x2)
Running away from what was worse
Your love is burning me down

[Verse 1: Game]
My mama in a coma, I don't know how to f*cking feel
But what I do know is today my life f*cking real
Holding my tears inside trying not to f*cking squeal
Where is Jesus when I need him to grab the f*cking wheel?
They say if it's fate it's fate, no ain't nothing seal
Staying strong when I really want to pop a f*cking pill
Looking at my mama just laying here
f*ck hospitals blood I ain't staying here
Choked up, my mama all doped up
Make me wanna have all of my enemies scoped up
But my son just walked in, wanna see his grandma
But I can't let him see you like this, damn ma
What the f*ck we doing? What the f*ck we doing?
Something happen to you, my whole f*cking life is ruined
Let the Lord take me from my f*cking mama , I'mma kill myself
Break in heaven then it's goin' be drama


[Verse 2: Game]
I don't never wanna know how Kanye feel
But right now I wouldn't mind seeing how a K feel
f*ck being Game, f*ck being rich
Anybody that ever owe me money I feel like Money Making Mitch
I can't make dinner but I can make a f*cking ditch
My pops ain't even checked on her , you a f*cking b*tch
Headed to Compton right now I'mma see you there
Matter fact it's better off, I just leave you there
And let you rot n*gga, till you in a box n*gga
From now on it's thug life I'm positive I'm Pac, n*gga
Reakin' havoc on the world for what could be
I'm out here, dare any n*gga try to Suge me
Who grew up in Compton? Who was born in Inglewood? Me
Two days left on Death-row is where I should be
But I'm right here waiting for her to wake up
Like please don't die mama, wake up


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