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"Made in Black America (LA Leakers Freestyle)"

[Verse 1]
This the moment your life flash right before for your eyelids
I was taught don't never look back, don't keep your pride hid
Mama said we better than that
Where your reverend at?
Cause we live a hell of a life
Ironic, I feel God here
Fear is failure
I'm not familiar with the fake
So just tell me who you tryna be
I'll tell you who you ain't
I be ridin' round my side of town
Where most would be ashamed
Find me walkin' 'round like i ain't got no money in the bank
But I do
Tried and true
Know I bleed Ramona blue
And if I die today, know my life alone should be the proof
Thoughts of microphones never crossed my dome when we was youth
We was ridin' 'round looking for somebody we could loot
Tryna shoot, scared of shooting for the stars
Scared of unfamiliar cars
Scared of running to the law
Scared to be who we was
'Fore we ever got involved
But that was then and this was now
The only rounds I hear at night is some applause

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