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"All The Way (Pimp Hop)"

[Produced by Statik Selektah]

[Hook: CharlieRED]
If you gon' go, darling, go all the way
I wanna see
Listen, baby
If you gon' go, darling, go all the way
I just wanna see, baby

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Step right in, come on down see you's a bad girl
And I'mma put you on your knees then your back girl
I burn you out, I flip you out, I turn you out
And show you 'bout some freaky sh*t that you ain't never knew about
Yes sir, you know I heard all about you
I'm here to re-route you, need to see what that mouth do
Virgin-a-listic, imperialistic
I got a t-shirt full of your lipstick
Go down, boo, go ahead and kiss it
I'm about to explode don't you miss it
A whole mouth full, don't be scared and don't be bashful
One more question that I must ask you
Do you like or love it when I smash you?
Bring your girlfriends cause you have to
Now go away and get it, now bring it right back, boo


[Verse 2: Wais P]
Platform Persians, Panamera swervin'
See a fly b*tch, had a Porsche, U-turnin'
Dropping off, picking off, baby, get my digits up
Buy her a Birkin now maybe you can visit her
About to finish her, you f*cking free her
I pick her up, switch her to a Benz from a Kia
And I don't need her, I put money before divas
That's how I'm rocking fur, somebody run tell PETA
Who cares? New Airs, Louie loafs for the public
What I rap about I really got, look and judge it
I'm like the Jim Morrison without the chorus in
Type of cat to drink til I black, wake up and pour again
It's war again, Benz 550's what we touring in
If you gon' go then hit the [pole?] and pour it in
It ain't a chore again, it should be natural
Factual, it's like if your money slow, I slap you, ho


[Verse 3: Ransom]
I'm pimping without the limp, what's the pasta without the shrimp?
What's the chopper without the inf, never pop up without my mink
It's waist lift, most y'all n*ggas is straight simps
And I don't deal with change unless it's gon' make sense
I'm finessing this grey Bent and I ain't gotta drive it
A million in wardrobe and I ain't got a closet
And we flying private, first class even
Thirst cash season, first class heathens
I'm a violent pimp, I slap til my palm hurt
All you see is some blood, a track and a Converse
A long hearse if you skimming of the top
I'm big pimping like Hov with women on the yacht
Ten linen on the [?], rims spinning on the drop
A hundred on the band, hand spinning on the watch
Clam dinners on the spot, Castellano
Mano e mano, take ten paces, let off a hollow


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