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"Can't Get Enough"

[Rah Digga]
Uhh, uh-huh uh-huh
Uhh, yeah, uh-huh uh-huh
Flipmode y'all, all my b*tches
Uh-huh uh-huh, check

For all my real live sisters, the ill vibe sisters
Slave to the di*k, yo I feel my sisters
Nuttin like a daddy with a phattie in the front
Puttin shorties on they ass like a Sugar Shane punch
Now, talk to me I say, you know I'm sweatin you
Honey brown comin down and I'm flexible
Gimme that, all-a that, whatchu workin wit?
If it ain't fully licked, you j*rk your own sh*t

And I will make this thing legit, n*ggas still ain't sh*t
And that's why I'm proud to be a b*tch
But I will never split
Cause my diet's strictly di*k
n*gga you don't even trick, never suck my tits
But damn I just love how you eat clit
Even if I have one wish
n*ggas still be hittin this, cause

[Chorus 2X: Meka]
I can't seem, to get enough of you
No matter how I try, I keep running back to you
I just love, the freaky things you do
Cause I can't seem, to get enough of you

So tell me what you're gonna do, are ya comin through?
Or would you rather hang out with your crew?
n*ggas wanna smoke with you
Maybe have a drink or two
Baby can we have a day, by the lake?
Conversate? Masticate?
Fornicate? Masterbate?
Comtemplate? Hibernate?

[Chorus] w/ ad libs by Meka

[Spliff Star]
Yeah, uhh
Yeah yeah yeah
Oh you think our sex good? Love the way I work this wood?
Love the way I hold you down and go about eight rounds?
Up and down between your thighs all night 'til sunrise?
Girl I give you how you want it, hard and stiff in ya stomach
Yo my love muscle make your knees buckle
Rough sex never subtle, my game tight just like my knuckle
Yo I make these broads drop they drawers, give me head of course
Turn jockey, ride my c*cky like a racing horse
Deep in they hot box, touch all they hot spots
Orgasm, muscle spasm, yeah and it don't stop
A love a big booty with a tight cootie
Smellin body shop fresh, ready for some hot sex
Drop your thong now, let's get it on
What you waitin on baby? Yo I came to put it on
I make it hot like a sauna, put you on a camcorder
Make you a star and call you somebody's granddaughter

[Chorus] w/ ad libs by Meka

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