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"Blaze of Glory"

[Intro: Pharrell]
n*gga, put down ya beer and snatch up ya children
A lot of clack up clack up, street clearin'
First the firing then the siren you'll be hearin'
Your man got a few heartbeat lefts they fearin'

[Hook: Pharrell]
It's me or you or them or us
Regardless of what them things gon' bust
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
I clear the land, in god we trust, n*gga
It's the blaze of glory, the blaze of glory
You come in here for me, n*gga it's the blaze of glory
The blaze of glory, the blaze of glory
You come in here for me, n*gga it's blaze of glory

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Yuugh! f*ck ya crews and who ya choosin'
Critics and news and all their reviews
The watch jewelled and VSS jewels with
Different hues of rogues or blues
The street movement that I move with
Hurries the caine like Miami U
Ya n*ggas foolin', what you doing
Obviously you ain't got a clue
It's the blaze of glory, I'm killer in the clutch
Like the Lakers' Horry with four seconds left
Rappers can't ignore me, quit steppin' on my heel
You f*ckers riding my flow like I'm your trainin' wheels, ugh!
Mind over matter, SL blacker
Sunny days, I minus the thinking cap ROOF!
You n*ggas fishin', well wishin'
Lotta rhyme but still missin' the vision, it's the blaze of glory

[Hook: Pharrell]

[Verse 2: Ab-Liva]
Sheah, the blaze of glory, rewrite history
Turn pages for me, my story is epic
Hustle in my blood, my story is metric
Bring that O backwards I'm feeling dyslexic
Grew up misdirected, dark complected
Sometimes no electric, it was hectic, it was harsh;
I was awed, I was affected, neglected
At sixteen, I got connected like Tetris
Had the power to zone, turn powder to stone
In any beef, iron drept it, iron tested
Think back, I invested, I assessed it, I reflected
Think back, I was requested by God
I shall lead as I was directed
Demand to be king, I was selected a menacing thing
Defying the odds, defying with arms
A tyrant's evolved, the tyrant is on, so run for ya weapon n*gga!

[Hook: Pharrell]

[Verse 3: Malice]
I'm for that hit rich quick sh*t, for that quick lick
For that quick Vick f*cker, I ain't for the bullsh*t
I ain't for the small talk, strictly bout the ballpark
Figures on my numbers these n*ggas is all talk
n*ggas is missing out on life, I ain't hit him
I ain't sitting round thumb-twiddlin', I ain't wishin'
No one could ever tell the Malicious I ain't livin'
The home town homies hate my name, I ain't tripping
I don't retaliate, I don't hate, I obliv' them
Jesus 'round my neck, I'm a Christian I forgive 'em
I was chosen to hold this throne
I held my own, ever since I held that zone
And served it, from all the days I heard mama's curses
Now I put it in verses, it was worth it
Don't let it hurt kid, push a pack, cook a crack
Whatever be the plate, motherf*cker get the bank, uh!

[Hook: Pharrell]

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