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"Cuban Necktie"

[Verse 1: B-Real]
I do it to ya all like in your earhole, cuz
I'm a "Goodfella" just like De Niro, punk
I'm a ten, you just a f*cking zero, huh
I get your woman off like Robbie Shapiro, what
You want jellyroll son, I'm a hero, oh
You're on your knees on my di*k like a clit ho then
You say you hate me but you follow my career though huh
Wanna see a trick I make you disappear yo, yo
I make it hotter than a f*ckin' inferno
Wanna test you comin up shorter than DeVito
I'll scar your face when I cut you like Pacino
You gamble with your life inside of my "Casino"
Hold up I'm runnin sh*t just like Gambino
I got the hogs sweatin' more than barbarino
I switch tongue buenos caso mi camino
Then I switch it back cuz in that style I swing yo
Beat your head like a drum yeah todo el ritmo
I sit back simply pretend I'm regal
Slay you any style yeah whatever type of lingo
I'm a "Natural Rhyme Killer" like Tarantino, yeah

[Hook: Sen Dog]
Run your mouth, with your chest out
Go get you a wreck check, dealt with real quick
All that fake tough guy sh*t, rough guy sh*t
All that rah rah sh*t, go get your neck slit

[Verse 2: B-Real]
Call me breakin' think you know my n*gga Dino
With the Ratpack n*gga sippin on vino
I give it to you double XL like Chino
I'm the eastsidah who's reppin Angelino's
I know you trippin but I'm due another single, ha
Treat the music like my honey got a wrinkle, yeah
I'm the mushroom making people twinkle
You couldn't hang with a joint from Domingo's
So, you gotta make room when you hear my jingle
Like I crack your head with the bat, big bambino style
You smoked out there in San Bernadino
We f*ck sh*t up with the harcore steelo
Bandito, now you're lighter than a kilo
I'm megachron got you wet like a Primo
Cancerous rhyme now that you needin chemo
Peace to my fam out in El Cerino
That's right punk, it's the soul asesino
Better watch your back, who's pilin up cochinos

Hook 2X

[Verse 3: B-Real]
Killin n*ggas like a Sicilian named Gino
When your numbers up all my n*gga yell regal
You a fine woman, was a fine Phillipino, then
She looked good in the black Benzino, yeah
Yo' style's not yours like Doritos
With the fabulous fall just like the Beatles
Platinum dust oh now you wanna sprinkle, well
I clown n*ggas much more than Milenko's, heh
For all the wild ones and all my vecino's
Never get your ass caught up with a stank ho
pus*y weigh deeper than a big f*cking sinkhole
Don't be mad I'm lookin out for my amigo
You wanna copy my style go to Kinko's
Watch me reload it just like Carlito
My style so dope they should label it illegal
You want beef then I call my n*gga Steebo
Whip your ass up just like Niccoleo
Sayin my name burst your mark like "Tapateo!", punk
You can't deal with it, you can't deal with it
You can't deal with it, it's Cypress Hill with it

Hook 2X

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