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Kate Bush

"Parrot, Goat and Rooster"

My parrot, my goat and my rooster
The finest of pets that you'll find
With them I bring joy wherever I go
And make some to make things go round

To New Mexico and Arkansas
And even to Illinois' shores
I sell off my kids to the highest bid
And then I return home for more

I grew up to thrive among horses
And I do not deny I was poor
Now my name is known throughout the plains
And among the güeros in the north

Death rides ever by my side
And the high lords far behind
For where there's will there'll be a way
And my ways are hard to find


Money's a treacherous companion
And that's why I spend mine with ease
On women and friends, to smoothen the bends
Yeah, I keep just the little I need

They say that my pets bring but pain and regrets
And then they ask me to pass them a booster
It's the greatest of men who come again and again
To my parrot, my goat and my rooster


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