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Mickey Factz


[Verse 1: A-live]

Seat 11A, stretch my feet in the aisle
Attendant throw me a smile, cause she feeling the style
Mango juice for the god
Turn my phone from the calls
And I make this look easy cause I been through a lot
What you call the high life, I just call it my life
Pineapple fried rice while I catch up on some highlights
We are not the same, did you ever think we could be
I am what you could be
What your momma wish you would be
You got that in Soho
I got this in Tokyo
Wore that in your video
But you still can't see me though
I'm like black socks on the Fab Five
Watch y’all catch up while we get mad live

[Verse 2: Geechi Suede]

Laying on the chrome magnolia, we spinning
Bonita got a hundred K tricking and we winning
Hawaiian punch linen and we grinning while we leaning
The canibus is flourishing, a lighter got it steaming
Snakeskin Adidas on my divas and they cleaner
Got the James Bond beamer blowing buddah out the speakers
Freeze up, we up, we play
They stay, all day, Bombay
Sapphire and then we light another jay
BK to QB, BX to Uptown
When the mics go up, the panties is going down
And my motion picture, new elixir
Ninja on lift up, Sprite for the mix up
Bright lights on them cee-lo dice, rolling headcrack never snake eyes
We on Green Street, its on heatseek
She on beep-beep, it's that easy
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo
Pick all four and hit the nitro
Blue dream oozing through the windpipe slow
Split another cigar, feeling mellow in the glow

On and on and on we go
Where we'll stop, we never know
If you styling, let it show
Live life and let it go

[Verse 3: Soupa]

Up early got a flight to catch
Got to smoke something first I don't like to stress
I'ma break down the grind for my n*ggas one time
I'll be there in flesh start writing checks
In your city I be pouring Jack D
VIP with gang that's me
Some days I be chilling low key
2k sip a little OE
I got grams of piff, I like Spanish chicks
When they're mad, I don't know what they're saying and sh*t
But it's sexy though, lets hit Mexico
And get a check to blow
But I ain't flexing though
I break bread with my mans and them
We had backup plans but we cancelled them
Roll the dice every night, take a chance with my life
While I dance with the devil under bright city light
I'm the man 'round here
Used to spend nights in that chair downstairs
Now we on the roof where the airs all clears
Party got pretty girls with the long hair
I be all in her ear like
Lets trip to the BK
And bring another friend for my DJ
Cause you know I got game like EA
Damn that was cliche but I can't see straight

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