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Mickey Factz

"Winds of Change"

[Verse 1: A-live]

I thought I had it figured out
Until I almost died and had to take a different route
At 25, I thought I’d be a million out
Got to wait a year to show you what I’m screaming about
Feeling winds of change, moving through my limbs and frame
Since I hit this dream, nothing’s ever been the same
Rather to be important, a Jackson or a Jordan
Barely passing through my college
Only passion was for dollars
But this life is like a trap, dog
Before I knew it, I was wrapped up
Smashing models overseas but I was wrapped up
Came back home and my pops ain't got no job, f*ck
What? And my mans just got cancer
You can’t be serious, who the hell dealt me this hand, bruh?
I’m at the edge and I can’t even take no more
I don’t even pray no more, ‘cause God don’t even take my calls
The sweat and tears, I shake them off
But the blood has stained my walls
My heart don’t break no more from all that sh*t you said before
Nah, hold up Ren, don’t even press record…
I went from being super fly, to entertaining suicide
This music sh*t is do or die, still I’m moved to chose it, why?
I never thought at 25, that I would be still alive
They said it was the end for me, so this gotta be destiny


I never thought at 25, that I would be still alive
They sais it was the end for me, so this gotta be destiny

[Verse 2: Soupa]

Obsolete optimism
p*ssing in pots is not tradition when your guap is missing
Drifting through the system lost
The Villen n*gga mixing in a twist of Mr. Frost
Depicting children doing sinners jobs
I poor some liquor for the innocent victims of struggle
sh*t, you got to hustle cause the ignorant think they above you
Dying for a buck, why the fuss about who's ride is tough?
Why do I suck, because I wisened up?
Recognized the prize hides far beyond our eyes
Cause it's high above
Spread lies or ride for love, either way come ride with us
Exercise a pirate's luck, love is a but a myth
Take another sip, sitting on my steps talking to a chick
Emphasizing strengths, how I came up off the bench
Then I hopped over the fence and now I'm here with no intent
No direction at an intersection, sectioned off my mind to different weapons
Feeling breathless just to finish second
Still missing lessons from my school days
Mostly absent from the cool phase
I'd rather face the truth than be a two face
Who says this is real life? Cause I don't really buy that
Time is money, but time is something you can't buy back

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