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Mickey Factz

"I'm Your Pusha"

[Intro: Smoke DZA]
Yeah, DZA
Harlem to NC sh*t

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
Uh, 100 miles and running, pound Qs and onions
Do whatever to get this cheddar, I’m from the wild 100s
Harlem, for the out-of-towners
Nothing but fetti around us, so never count us—
Out, ‘cause in a drought, you better carry your bills
You talking blow like Derek Foreal?
My man D like Derek, for real, on a side note
They want the ticket, I get it ‘fore they got dry throats
You could never, I don’t talk business ‘less business
Profit my endeavors, you ain’t talking money, then, playboy
Keep your head up, pay homage, salute the god
Block boy, DZA, hood superstar

[Chorus: June Summers]
I’m your pusha, I’m your dealer
I’m the reason you got that feeling
Anywhere, I’ll take you there
And get you by, and get you high
‘Cause I’m your pusha

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
Look, I’m on a paper chase, moving state-to-state
Got a broad in Chase, bust the checks for me safe
No stress, no reef, no problems, everything is great
She deposit it, no problems, so PC always straight
DZA on the verge, go hard
Like a n*gga from the 3rd, except I’m a murderer with words
Lil goonies, ‘bout fifteen of them
At 15, he do ten and still come home young
They embrace the drama, then the guns come
We call ‘em “throwaways” ‘round where I come from
Boss what my aura like, now all I need
Is a doja to go to the store and get my order right

[Chorus: June Summers]

[Outro: Totally Baked clip]
Johnny Buskett: Isn’t teenage drinking illegal? ‘Cause as I remember, when the Bush twins were doing it, they weren’t going to jail. They got a Girls Gone Wild video
Interviewer: This isn’t about the Bush twins, this is about Johnny Buskett
Johnny Buskett: That’s right, and Johnny Busket ain’t doing cocaine. All right? I am Johnny Buskett, not Daryl Strawberry. After getting abused all Sunday afternoon, there ain’t nothing wrong with going home, lighting up a blunt, breaking out the Cristal… Gets me in the mood for my life and my wife

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