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Mickey Factz


[Verse 1]
Uh now why you want to go and do that love?
A pretty thing like you in this wack club
I'm figurin you should tell your friends that your exiting
With spitta, remember the one who wrote in your direction
That's him that's me came here one deep
Tryna leave plus one the ship got two seats
I can tell by your size 3 jordan OG's
That your hip to the fly mama where you hide your wings
I'm sure when your out men say strange things
Grabbin ya, shakin ya, breathin stankin ya face n sh*t
They the pilots for one night relationships
My neihbors rich I just lay back and do spit
Ya hungry? I can check in the fridge
Throw somethin together I can cook a lil bit
Right quick pancakes bacon n cheese grits
She textin her friend like girl this n*gga the sh*t

Welcome to my galaxy
Come and feel my energy
Ain't nothin but space around
And you can be my star
And you could be my star

[Verse 2]

Uh, let's fly over your home
Higher than 30000 feet pass the ozone
Pass the joint to the n*gga with the mild tone
Mama how quick can you put your digits in my cell phone
I switch em like I do my kicks and this is well known
Look how I switch two different girls in the same song
Say its wrong but who do we place the blame on
Games we play because on us they was played on
Dead wrong but don't make it right
And the patron is telling us to call it a night
We tryin fight the urge to splurge and blow purp
Watch revenge of the nerds f*ck until we both hurt
Girl our heavy bottomless in the fly society shirt
Doobie in that villa you are not of this earth
The doctor who delivered you witnessed the stars birth
I was here before her but she still came first


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