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Ryan Hemsworth

"Meh Sherabi"

[Riz MC]
I'm the moon on the Pak flag
Roll with stars but don't sleep at night
I rise and I fall like a Pak flag
Lean on the green and the white
[?] line, teeth I'ma grind
Seeking a sign
But I lean off the wine for time
The Quran just said no more drink
So I'm gonna be in heaven with the god of small print
Riz he twist up in the damage
Kissing all the girls
Listening to garage
Cause he misses how it feels
Pistol at his health
Cause he p*ssed off at himself
Like he's hotting up in house
So he's p*ssing on himself
South Hall sheds to designer suites
Is he out of his head, to f*ck five a week
No like to sleep or climb, just rides the peak
Hides from the silence he should try to seek

From the south [?] to the south side queens
Getting southpaw head from a south side queen
I'm a Rancho Cucamonga with my cousin named Dey-Dey
Cut real yayay with that big book from AA
I'm like Sunny Deol, so Punjabi
On that Johnnie Walker, so sherabi
I'm so Shiv Kumar Batalvi
I'm a friend of Guru Dutt
So I'm Abrar Alvi
I've been drinking, I be thinking
I be sinking like Titanic
I be smiling, I get riled and
I be wylin like a manic
He in attic and his habit tragic
He make a drink disappear like it's magic
Hima so rude he would spit in your food
He a drunk, he a punk, he spit at them dude
He wanna hit a lewd in the nude
And he drink Blue Label because it match his mood

[Riz MC]
I wallow in the hollow and I follow my dealer
When I'm back from Berlin, man I'm off to Ibiza
Out of the frying pan into the pita
Never land life never wanna land neither
My poor shrink wrapped it up nice
Thinks I shrink-wrap my life in pics, raps, and likes
Confused quick fix a plan
8 comments and 8-balls, Instagram
New chick new into Jai Paul in Munich
I root [?]
Assume visions of a Paki in a Man U shirt
Feel a flute coming as I flew to Luton
Reach for that aspirin
Reach for the stars
Reach for a MacBook
It's hidden in her bra
Reach for a napkin the black [?]
Back in hospital again with my platinum scars

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