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Ryan Hemsworth

"How Did I Get This Deep"

[Verse 1: Jazz Cartier]
Mama said, "Never take advice from a n*gga with no money"
This is my world, don't tell me how to run it
Old n*ggas, washed up, Joe Budden
Got enough to feed the needy, tell that n*gga hold something
New n*gga, Coupe sicker
Pull up and the roof's missing, two b*tches
They know a n*gga do business, at Ruth Chris'
Got maids that'll fry chicken and do dishes
Now they know the wave is hot, the face is hot
Watching all the rings I got and chains I cop
Cartier frames on watch, I made alot
From days had to make the wop to make the drop
n*ggas know
There comes a time in your life, you gotta sacrifice
I'm paralyzing the parasites when I pay 'em no mind
From paradise, I'm playing this sh*t to paradigm
Dropped "Paranoia" and started having the fear of god

[Pre-Chorus: Kafaye]
I'm running round round round
I'm running round round round

[Verse 2: Jazz Cartier]
I learned a lot about your early 20s
You're never full until the glass is empty
We used to round up change just to eat at Wendy's
But sh*t I'm tryna count change in the back of Bentleys
All hunnids, no twenties
f*ck rapping, gotta make it as a man
Came out of my depression and I blamed it on the fans
The anxiety was killing me
Burn a couple bridges, started drinking past my limit
Then sh*t got real for me
Paranoia was misstep
I still play it back and I skip tracks
If it's an 'L' then I'll hold that
But not forever, its the get back
Started peeling back layers to my soul
f*ck the fame, I don't even wanna make it as a whole
Suits gettin' in the way, Cuzzi had to take control
And from here on out, it's a go. JLF

[Chorus: Kafaye]
I'm running round round round
Stepped in the club it was crazy
I wonder why these n*ggas hate me
Probably my all-black Mercedes
.45, never on safety
Not even Jesus can save me
Not even Jesus can save me

[Outro: Jazz Cartier & Kafaye]
How did I get this deep?
10 toes in my sneaks
2 feet in the streets
1 hand on my gun
How did I get this deep? (it's ok, I promise)
Before all of the tours
In Toronto, was pure
All the ? on Bloor
It was our lovesick
And we didn't want no cure (can you feel it?)
Well me at least
How did I get this deep?
(I'm running round n round)
Do you still love it
All I wanted was peace
They just wanted a piece
Now I got blood on the leaves
From the killing machines
(someone's gotta go through it)
How did I get this deep?
How did we get so deep?

(Not even Jesus can save me)

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