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Ron Browz


[Hook: Nicki Minaj]
Yall be tryin haaard (BUT ITS EASY)
Tightin up on yo jooooob (CAUSE ITS EASY)
I’m Nicki Minaj (SO BE EASY)
Gucci Mane and Rocko (PLEASE BELIEVE IT)

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Poom Poom!
I'm 5′4, double R, zoom zoom
I don’t give a f*ck about ya, Looney Tune goons
Yelling boom boom, when your really poon-poon
(Ew) I eat these rap b*tches, no fork, no spoon
I'm Nicki, I'm finicky, I’m picky
I stay around the six like that little mouse, Mickey
Ask Rocko, ask Gucci… ask Gucci, Gucci Bandana
I'mma star, I'm the Black Hannah Montana
I’m such a girl, I’m such a girly girl
I'm sippin' on my milkshake, with this swirly swirl
Excuse me mister, put some cherries in my cups
I take my shirt off and watch the boys go nuts!
The boys goes nuts, the boys-boys goes nuts
All the dope boys, all the boys wanna f*ck (Yeeeeaah..)
My n*gga S. Bezzy, keep my wrist breezy
Why would I go hard, when this sh*t is so easy?

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