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Ron Browz

"Thugz Mirror Freestyle (Bonus Disc)"

[Verse 1]
Yo, my man was regulatin' on n*ggas he used to thug with
Older n*ggas in this murder game, drug czars
BM, Jaguars, they cash was large
Since he was wild, they let him in
He did a crazy number of things
To put himself deeper under they wing
It didn't take long for duke to get on
Studied they movements - who would kill, who was strong
Studied like a student, got it bloody, he was shootin'
Drivin' they cars, robbin connects
Drivin' his Lex, keys was movin'
Young don, now they know they weakness
They never seen it comin'
Son was on some real take over the streets sh*t
Now he got his own crew of young guns clickin' now
Richer now, now they run sh*t, see how it flips around?

[Verse 2]
Dudes be, comin' from bids thinkin sh*t is different
'Cause the streets move fast, you blink, you could miss it
I just sit back and, think of my last 20 years
6 pack, gunnin' my years, jet black, blunt in my ear
Real relaxed, readin' real loves stories like
Caesar and Cleopatra, we need another actress to play her
'Cause Liz Taylor's hot, but the Egyptian queen
On the movie screen needs to be portrayed in a proper flava
Hopped in the shower, threw on the boxers with the baby oil
Baby powder, night owl, movin' to later hours, only
f*ckin' with kings, n*ggas official
If you phony, come in the circle, n*ggas'll diss you
We converse on the state of hip hop
We share the same views and feelings
He sling 'caine, crib costin' 2 million
He plan to leave the streets forever
But n*ggas that wanted him left him
Dead in the streets 'fore I can tell him

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