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Insane Clown Posse

"Country life"

(Country life)

[Verse 1]
Front porch livin' swiggin' whiskey and mescaline
Swingin' fly swatters catchin' trails from that Ketamine
We on some other level, country like a motherf*cker
Ask the way I'm living, sh*t, they ain't no other motherf*cker
Give me mosquitoes and a moonlit night
Give me a red dirt road and I'll be doin' alright
Sittin' down by the river bottom by the grist mill
Double fistin' Evan Williams steady climbin' Heaven's Hill
This is what it's all about I couldn't ask for nothing better
Me, myself? I'm high f*cked up and light as a feather
I hear them crickets chirpin', I think I'll lay back and listen
I got a line off in the water but I ain't thinkin' about fishin'

This that country life
This is the life for me
Liquor, cars and tittie bars
This is the life for me
Country till I die
This is the life for me
Liquor, cars and tittie bars
This is the life for me

[Verse 2]
I like them b*tches talk that dirty south slang
I like them b*tches, they be walkin' shake that dirty south thang
They be them hoes up on that cornbread chicken and collard greens
Ham hockin b*tches, sweet potatoes and red beans
Where'd you get an ass like that?
p*ssed off in that baby fat
Suckin' on a Dr Pepper, shorts all in her booty crack
They come up speakin' slow like "how are you?"
Always sassy, kinda nasty and with somethin' to prove yeah
Y'all know them ones from Kentucky and Alabama
Them swamp livin' Cajun b*tches straight out Louisiana
The Carolinas, Georgia, Florida even Mississippi
Country girls with fat 'ole asses
Actually, let me see them titties


[Verse 3]
Rusty cars off in the yard, b*tches, booze and tittie bars
That's the way we livin', drink our liquor straight up out the jar
Rollin' wood, we blowin' smoke, poppin' pills until we choke
180 proof to wash it down and that's all she wrote
And if it kills me, bury me in red clay
And let it all be catered by the Ol' Country Buffet
Pass the whiskey bottle and drink it like you're full grown
And let the b*tches dancin' f*ckin' naked on my tombstone


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