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Insane Clown Posse

"If They Don't Come For Me"

If they don't come for me (It's all over)
If they don't come for me (We're gonna die)
If they don't stop the sickness inside me at least I've got you by my side x2

[Verse 1: Jamie Madrox]
I'm not content with it I won't pretend to be
There's not a passive bone in my person it just don't exist
Now the catacombs in my verses always got a twist
Like the canker of corruption in the mouth of innocence
Ever since I was senseless
Never paid attention to the thoughts of rejection
And feeling of resentment
Bet ya got an itch in your tongue
Caught in a void and you’re mine now
Either you live or die and I decide how
Not barbaric but call it eclectic
An acquired taste it takes a moment to digest it
Sick thoughts run wild like a chainsaw
Cutting through the flesh of the moment until it fall off
Now I'm stressin', better get a tourniquet, get the rope
Off the evil before somebody get hurt again
I'm not the person that I once used to be
So if I'm looking for you better hope they comin' for me

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Monoxide]
I keep my friends close
And all my enemies get buried inside of their lost hopes
Baby I'm legendary
Maybe I shouldn't carry all the weed and I don't
Me and Madrox been repping the Dark Carnival
Since the boats started a'floatin' the waters of red rhymin'
You’ve been with us every step of the way since day one (Juggalos)
Now with some bodies, you come inside to take a look into
The way that I’m riding with a problem, I’d advise you
To find another bunch of killers with the quickness
Before those bunch of killers get suspicious and find you
Right behind you, quick strike like cobra, holes in jugular
Sick mind I told ya
Damage to my brain still they show love
To my insane rambles to me that's enough
Consequences to all those against
Lined up on a fence
Let the slaughter commence

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Jamie Madrox]
Die, die, fade, kill, murder, death
Everything that we suggest eventually will infest
In the center of your inner being
I know you’re conscious but you can't comprehend
The things you're hearing and seeing
Delusions, by any definition it’s Twiztid
To take a negative and embrace it like we were gifted
I sit alone and conversate with the souls
As I plot a plan of vindication my blood runs cold

[Verse 4: Monoxide]
G-g-g-get away
I'm on the edge again
Another fifteen years another so-called friend
Giving up life lines and secrets to blue prints
And all you came with is lies and keeping it truthless
b*tch I'm ruthless, enough to have your girl handcuffed
Stuffed inside a van and then I blow that b*tch up
Let the particles and pieces land all over your truck
Just a small example of when you against us

[Hook x2]

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