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Insane Clown Posse

"Nobody Get Hurt"

[Hook: AMB]
Sometimes... Good people follow through hard times (this I know)
So I Take from the rich and I give to the scrubs (on the low)

[Verse 1: Young Wicked]
The poverty reality I live, it's too cold
This hunger, the anger, this hatred is just getting old
So put the ski mask on my face now (hide my motherf*cking face)
Load up my grand dad's gun (click, click)
Run up in richie boy beach house
And rob the f*ck outta everyone (Run!)

[Verse 2: Bonez Dubb]
Rob from the rich and give to the poor
Nothing can stop me I'm out on the roll
Children are crying, and dying while you people laughing
It's outta control, you know
Body in the hole keep that on the low
Burning the way with the smoke
I murder them all I rather you eat when you broke
Than listen to one of these jokes
I'm telling them all, this is a stick up
Don't nobody get up, nobody get hurt
Watching them fall, might as well give up
Cause I just lite up the whole f*cking work
Peace out to the wrong, hello to the right
I'll never be stoping to fight
So we can be living just like some kings tonight
Scrubbin' it up, but you're livin the life

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Young Wicked]
Rich boys don't expect me to roll up
I'm too cold (standing on your front porch)
They hate me, I love it, I'm so quick outta door
With the fortune to feed my fam now, enough for everyone
Them richies understand now, the hungry man spill blood

[Verse 4: Bonez Dubb]
When you run along with hungry, all of my family - homies
Nobody gonna be lonely, even if you don't really know me
Pull out the guns, put one to your dome
Robbing you for, everything that you're own
Take what we need, and leave what we don't
But I take it all, and don't think that I won't
You're know I make them run, for the life they go no more
You know I teach my son, and daughter how I roll
If I'mma stick with what you got, you know you don’t deserve it
Don't give a f*ck, you called the cops cause I know nobody's perfect

[Hook x2]

[Young Wicked]
Nobody move, nobody get hurt x4

[Hook x2]

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