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"Put It On P's"

[Verse 1: Bad Seed]
Put it on P's, put it on P's
Put it on P's, b*tch I put it on P's
Burgundy Chucks, burgundy strings
b*tch I'm so blean, I'm a dog, no fleas

We run DMC these hoes, that's no strings
Word around town, now [?]
500 Block, got it tatted on a sleeve
Bandana, right side, swinging onto my knees

And the hood turnt up, just me and YG's
M'bixteen, I'm looking like a marine
See my enemies, squeeze on my enemies
Serve a b*tch n*gga and anybody they bring

And I got crack, I still be serving the feinds
I'm still keeping it hood in five dollar white tees
In the hood with a dollar and a dream
I could turn a token to ticket, Chuck E. Cheese, and I

Put it on P's (x9)

[Verse 2: The Game]
I'm a Piru, yeah Imma die too
Imma take the fade if you 6'9" or 5'2"
That's on Seeder, matter of fact Beeder
Tuck in that Desert Eagle cause the night I might need her

Step up out the crib, my khakis, my wife beater
Pull up on the set, texts that you're on your cheerleader
Cincinnati snapback, Gucci bandana
Put that on P's, I grew up in Santana

Raised by the twins, one died, one in the pen
So I followed by brother, crossed the tracks, got jumped in
Now it's, my brothers keep up, put that on Seeder
Had more white than Justin Bieber since n*ggas just rocking [?]

We rocking deep cause they see them pull up in burgundy jeeps and
Creeping, no defense, they shoot one out, throw up the P, blood
Riding down Central on D's
With [?] on P's, on P's


[Verse 3: Bad Seed]
Feelin go get some trees, from the homie from Trees
The homie passed me the b*tch, the b*tch passed me the weed
f*ck her so good, have her chunking up P's
Never lied on my di*k, and that's on P's

Put it on P's, put it on P's
Put it on P's, b*tch I put it on P's
OGE! my team, and your b*tch Team C
Snatch a n*gga b*tch then snatch a n*gga bling

Watches and rings, we rob a n*gga for bling
Anything goes, [?]
Shout out little homies, I put them under my wing
Doing big sh*t, better get your DP

So I keep it gangster like the homie Big Steve
P-Funk, no cut, n*gga this ain't [?]
H's on H's on H's, we on the seams
f*ck with Compton Crips too that be repping them two C's, and I


From the HHP's, to CAP's
To the LPP's, to the MOB's
To the LHP's, to the ESP's
Real Bompton city G's, my n*ggas know what I mean


From the TTP's, to the FTP's
To the NHP's, to the CBP's
To the WSP's, to the VTP's
To the CPP's, my n*ggas know what I mean

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