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"Coast 2 Coast (Suavemente)"

* original and "Hip Hop Version" are the same

[Wyclef Jean]
Chillin' with Angie
Live at Jimmy's
Worldwide, baby

[Hook: Wyclef]
Angie Martinez, can I get a date on Friday?
Just when I thought she'd say yes..
Yo, yo, that's when a kid pulled the tec
And the whole crowd parted
Why you f*cking up the party before it gets started?

[Angie Martinez]
Yo, yo, yo, yo
It's Angie
The way I flip it make you switch your sh*t to plan B
And I'll be dipped out in the club lookin fancy
And we ain't chilling too tough if you ain't family

You mad at me, man?
Please I'm chillin low-key
That's why I got my little hat on
In the V.I.P. where everybody high fash-ion
Gettin they mack on, thirsty fo' satisfaction
And it's, bound to happen like latins goin platinum

Now we, in it lookin for the big peso
And my, song inspired by Elvis Crespo
And we, gettin it started so baby let's go
Nasty boys in the party singin, "Dale juebos!"

Better, make it easy cause we livin suave
Be bout the +Smooth Operators+ like Sade
"Coast 2 Coast, New York to Chicago
East L.A."


[Angie Martinez]
Funny how times flies when you getting drunk (uh-huh)
It's three A.M. and we still ain't had enough (uh-huh)
Bout the time when everybody know whassup
See them n*ggas pushing up
Now you know they wanna (WHAT?)

See the big pop-pas chasing mu-cha-chas
Wilding out, right right
Be like ooh-la-la
But they gets na-da, make me laugh ha-ha

They be, silly boys in brand new clothes (uh-ha)
Actin up with nothin, puttin on shows (uh-ha)
At the bar, frontin, strikin up a pose
In cubic zircon's like nobody knows, but

It's okay, papi
I won't tell (uh-huh)
If they don't know you might as well
Do your thang duh-dah-dah-duh-dah
Pero suave yo!

[Hook] - 2X

Suavemente (uh-ha!).. (uh-huh)
Suavemente (uh-ha!).. (uh-huh)

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