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DJ Kay Slay

"Maybe Not"

I see what y'all n*ggas trying to do and uh...
I don't like it
Straight gangster sh*t, uh
Straight gangster n*gga

[Verse 1]
The ghost of Martin Luther watches over me
While yo' baby mama gives me back massages for the free (for the free!)
If this Malcolm X poster comes any closer
I'm coaxin' La Costra Nostra out the old folks home
Hard to start a revolution, 'Diff'rent Strokes' is on, holmes
Quit the pretentiousness and leave me alone, grown
Man, I never bite my tongue for nobody
Rebellious as hell, wait 'til they tell Yo Gotti
Who you lovin'? Who you wanna be huggin'? Huh?
Which rapper's girlfriend am I gonna be druggin'?
You think I'm buggin' when I tell you that my budget ain't budgin'?
Put this whole album together for next to nothin'
I tried to be patient but the industry got a n*gga breaking the law
Hot damn I'm rapin' 'em all, awwww
The train station just called, get on that Amtrak
Beat it muthaf*ckas I AM back

Maybe I'll murk all these weak-ass MC's
Or maybe I'll spit 'til my tank is empty
Or maybe not.. that's if I feel like it
They wanna know how I still write it
I tell them maybe my life has the perfect story
Or maybe my pen does the damage for me
Or maybe not... whoa whoa, don't spill the beans
Don't tell these suckas nothin' nah'mean?

[Verse 2]
Breeze through in the 535 Bimmer ride in the blink of an eye
And those wack rabbits, them faggots get put in caskets
Get crushed like maggots on a carcas
Hate to start sh*t, but I'm heartless
It gets my point across
Career is played out like Wale
When he signed to Ricky Ross
Who rocked the spot? Danny!
You know how the dutch pass, kiss my f*ckin' ass


[Verse 3]
Yo, I get the crowd hyped, call this sh*t pep rally rappin'
Found Danny Brown's front teeth in an alley scrappin'
Catch me in Maui linen towel relaxin'
Three cheers for Interscope and spendin' someone else's dime
I'm wreckin' these rappers like the tow truck spot
Happy as Rapper Big Pooh at the doughnut shop
I played the humble and they say "yo this n*gga is raw man"
While your buzz is non-existent like Kidz in the Hall fans
Aw damn its an asteroid
Why the f*ck you think I even rap, boy?
To be the next Travie McCoy?
These cats is amateurs, their stamina's shot
Y'all rather di*kride them? what type of standards y'all got?
Every time you overhype an average rapper and neglect me
A kitten gets raped, a f*ckin' convict escapes
This rap sh*t'll separate the horses and the steers
Can't afford an engineer
Fake as Consequence's porcelain veneers

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