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DJ Kay Slay

"Altered Beasts"

We are Altered Beasts, special agents in charge of the beat
Pressuring emcees (I'm an Altered Beast)
I'm an Altered Beast, my weapon discharge in the streets
Canibus (I'm an Altered Beast)

[Verse 1: Jai Pressure]
*To be typed*

[Hook: Canibus]
I'm an Altered Beast, my weapon discharge in the streets
Canibus (I'm an Altered Beast)

[Verse 2: Canibus]
I spit a verse not of this Earth
Colder than a polar bear bath in Shishmaraf on Alaskan turf
Colder than the heart of a murk
But solid as a steel girder coming out of the dirt, I put you to work
Remember once upon a time not long ago I lived in the snow
I wore a heavy coat and hunted with stones
Bats, arrows and bows in a carago bowl
My Calico's cold, the wind blow like a Metallica show
Two Eskimos climbing a slope, squad level communication
Made through musical notes, you spit a rhyme I loosen the rope
I can't wait till we get back to boast
We toast to Johnnie Walker blue label, laugh and joke
I was roadside ambushed with a blown off foot
Now both my arms is mush, blood gush, I can't push
I was altered in the ER with 65% of me gone
But Father Author 'Altered Beast' keep going

[Chorus: Jai Pressure & Canibus]
Pressure the MC, artillery launch, Willy P
Lyrically I can bust (I'm an Altered Beast)

We are Altered Beasts, morbid, sordid
We love the f*cking smell of gunpowder (I'm an Altered Beast)

[Verse 3: Jai Pressure]
*To be typed*

[Verse 4: Canibus]
My fire team, 15 depressed brothers
Looking at a cracked screen on a GPS blocker
The tripod saw gunner, screen land cover
I grab my bow cutter and breach the sand bunker
Hot sun rays beam down on the driver fiend
Pass the visine for my eyes, I'm a machine
Brap, weapon discharge in front of your head
Then spread into a pie wedge till everything behind you is dead
The Moon give off a grey light, I survey Arabian Nights
With red dot sights, clean my scope off with a baby wipe
Ready to snipe, I strike with a deadly device
[?] spotted to my left, hot shells eject to the right
Buddy set, buddy move, I know what the enemies manoeuvres like
Make a foolish move and lose your life
You 'S' pattern like a cobra but you food for the cougar
I pounce on you like a panther jump over a Mini Cooper
Mini gun, mini gun shooter land on the roof of commuters like a puma
Then rip your top open like a can of chunky tuna
My super bust off bars and jaws bite through ya
While you flapping your wings and crying like a rooster
I'll roast you with the Ruger, puh, puta
What you gonna do huh get mad and lose son
I bruise your lungs, hoist you up with hooks through the tongue
Then pour hot Melaleuca down your ear drums
The Altered Beast brand you with the mark of the beast
Then hand you over to a warlord chief
For fifty pieces of silver and a nickel back of sticky
You a sirloin face n*gga with sandbag titties

[Verse 5: Jai Pressure]
*To be typed*

[Verse 6: Canibus]
My rotator cut swords, n*gga buff
From hundred kilometre humps and hundred pound rucks
My back pain is back again in the form of a back strain
I took another ibuprofen
Down range, dump the four, called in air support
2 o'clock sharp we have an ancillary cook off
Explosions, didn't know where, didn't know when
Numbers are thin, re-recruit young boys and old men

[Chorus: Jai Pressure & Canibus]
Under the pine trees of Fort Bragg
We were given commands, instructing who to tag in black bags

We are focused soldiers, combat controllers
One eye open, flowing (I'm an Altered Beast)

[Verse 7: Jai Pressure]
*To be typed*

[Verse 8: Canibus]
I cause POD crashes, massive highway damage
Local respondents can't manage, camera crews vocalate views
Ensuing more panic, commercial airliners
Improvise urban emergency landings, radio wave damage
Glitch in scanners, fast switching channels, local operators going bananas
FEMA workers screaming running like faggots
Just imagine how could it happen, Wall Street physical crashing
Now I'm about to lose my kids and my marriage

[Verse 9: Jai Pressure]
*To be typed*

[Verse 10: Canibus]
They send rescue choppers and helicopter news teams out
Rockets turn choppers into a tree house
We bring bigger machines out, they bring more ghetto birds and police out
White grenades smoke screen the street out
SWAT teams and riot squads grab shields but can't see now
All you can see is red beams in the ground
You see fire trucks f*cked up, stuck, too much traffic
Fire brigades fight to contain chemical plant hazards
Altered Beast, n*gga

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