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DJ Kay Slay


Yo way I maneuv
When the crew comes thru
Reaching for their stainless steel to bust you
An indestructible threat to your sound set
Clapped a n*gga last week and he still ain't touched the ground yet
You get touched f*ckin with the ragamuff
From Jamaica who displays rude bwoy behavior
The West Indian illustrator of the flavor
Squashes beef flatter than loose leaf paper
Type of MC you don't ever wanna meet
I'll send you back to your maker without a receipt
Be the indestructible style with the fire po
My clips sink ships off the starboard bow
The ghetto child is violent
I fire canons like a pirate then I start to maneuver like the Heimlich
From half way tree the spanish John Rowe I got it sold the Canibus is indestructible

Yo, I be the indestructible thug
The type to draw first blood wit eight-ounce gloves
If you want it, you can get it, so when you can't disarm it don't set it
The bomb'll blow if you tamper wit it
I'm analytic, so run for cover when I kick it
Lyrics'll fly like a bullet when the hammer hit it
While you n*ggas is babblin', my lyrics is travellin'
Like a javelin, to stab you in the abdomen
Acronyms and nouns, predicates and adjectives, you can't f*ck wit the Canibus
You catch damages beyond repair
My rhymes smash through the booth window to strike the engineer
I can maintain thresholds of pain
And walk across the sun barefoot lookin' for shade
I re-arrange your ribcage like a twelve-gauge at close range
Change the position of your brain
Hard raps penetrate through your hard-hats and all that, kid
Get'cha wig peeled back
I scalp you like the indians on horseback
Runnin' bull will hit you harder than running back
Stunning man with brave and cunning raps
Swiftly running laps around forty-eight tracks
Like uncut crack, fiends keep coming back
Heads is flippin' like acrobats on gym mats
From wax to analogue tapes to digital DATS
It's critical black, the Canibus is ill like that

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