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Jay Electronica

"Back To Back Target"

Yeah, yeah man
You know a lot of n*ggas don't keep it real
You feel me
Everything, all that sh*t matters
You feel me
But you know so many n*ggas turn on me everyday
I'm like f*ck everybody, you feel me, f*ck it

One time for me, cool by the sunshine
Money got punchlines, only take one times
Take small sips, that's why I hum sunshine
n*ggas think I'm lying, b*tches think I'm fine
I'm smart man so I keep trying
Don't get f*cked by the past thoughts, pass off, blast off
Yeah, f*ck it
And don't crack like the asphalt
You running with the 45 handgun the same size as police is
n*ggas think he sweet but his geeks is geek
n*ggas carry them handguns
Like [?] you be deceased
And I'm talking bout a coffin
Brains is out, n*gga you loving where you walking
Uh, side with the Mac-11
Please no questions, I do dirt with no drugs
Numb the pain, it's like a game changer
Feel ashamed of my past, used to rob strangers
Now I feel like I'm a rapping target
I'm a rapping target
Back to back target
With the vest and mask hauling DVD's like a Black Target
Cocaine sell it off I can't, I can't, no
Cocaine sell it all same price as a trip in August
Don't ask why I [?]
b*tch I bought it
Please the cops and [?]
Just get what you ordered
Cross me and get slaughtered
But I don't wanna act hard as bricks
But I'm a real young n*gga and I ain't talking sh*t
Lil Boss

I don't give a f*ck this a mixtape
That sh*t, the beat's f*cked up and f*ck you too b*tch

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