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"A Just Message (Intro)"

[Voicemail machine]
"At the tone, please record your message
You may hang up, or press one *tone* *beep*
If you are satisfied with your message, press one
To listen to your message, press two, to erase *beep*
Thank you, your message has been sent, good-bye."

[Just Blaze]
"Crook, whattup, its Just. Yo, I heard the album, you gonna get a lot of people mad, because you're speaking a lot of truth. But just remember one thing:
"You can jail a revolutionary, you can't jail the revolution"
And that's word to Huey P. Newton."

*sound of radio static, changing stations*

[KXNG Crooked]
Is good actually stalked by evil, what is your concept of evil?

[Radio static]
As long as they kill us, and go to Wendy's and have a burger and go to sleep, they're gonna keep killin' us
But when we die and they die, then SOON, we gon' sit at a table, and we gon' tear this damn country up

[Radio static]
A few weeks ago, chanting "off the pigs, off the pigs, pigs in a blanket, fry the pigs, give the pigs name, we're gonna play some of that. There's a new video out on Breitbart today. Arm the Black Panthers to Texas cops, yesterday

"We will start creeping up on you in the darkness. You think we're not p*ssed about Sandra Bland?"

"f*ck the pigs, and everybody f*ck with us!"

[Radio static]
"Police are shoving people, are shoving Alex, shoving the crowd, here we go folks I'm being assaulted."

"Every day, and I knock on the door, everyday, to eat. And they tell, and they open the door, let me see, the party, let me see, like they be throwing salami all over. It's like throwing food around, but they're telling me there's no food. You know what I'm saying, everyday. I'm standing outside trying to sing my way in
We are hungry please let us in
We are hungry please let us in
After about a week, that song is gonna change to
We hungry, we need some food
After two, three weeks it's like, [mumbling]
After years, you know what I'm saying, I'm picking the lock coming through to boom blast."
[radio static]
"We asked ten years ago
We was askin' the Panthers
We was askin' for them, you know, the civil rights movement, we was askin'
You know, now, those people that were askin', they're all either dead or in jail, so now what do you think we're gonna do?"

An epic conflict, between Good and Evil

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