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We Are King

"Next Level"

[Verse 1]
Whoa, I won't rap on the same beat as the rest of you, the radio is terrible, they sent me here to rescue you
My album dropped and got the best reviews, I'm a teacher, got an F for you but got so little time to lecture you
You can catch me at the local bar, goin' hard, spittin' fire like I'm Charizard up out the Poké Ball
My flow is just like drunk sex, you know it's raw, all of my girls gettin' spoiled like they're Oprah's dog
I'm on the same mission, I'm tryna ball like Blake Griffin, I'm travelin' more than LeBron, I changed pivots
I ain't missin', I may swish it, they can't get it, it ain't cool if I ain't did it
And I may visit the nursin' home, make sure that the curtains closed, bust the Urkel flow, dipset and leave the nurse to know
Hit it from the back 'til she collapse and catches vertigo, send her boyfriend a text and make sure he's the first to know
All this fire spittin' can hurt your throat, I need to chill, I don't need a deal but I'll take one for a couple billion
I'm tryna eat and you lookin' like a bum that's walkin' around a sidewalk lookin' at someone's lunch to spill
f*ck how you feel, boy, I'm speakin' the truth, Clark Kent when I sneak in the booth, I'm Superman
Go to the party, grab a bottle of Bacardí then roll out like Luda' fans, I got stupid plans

[Verse 2]
Attention shoppers, I get it poppin', I'm sippin' vodka, on my break eatin' Benihana's in my freakin' boxers
I been a problem like a kid at six that gets adopted, you like a parent that works a lot, only wish stop him
I been obnoxious, never cautious, I been spittin' lava like a volcano in Guatamala, I'm the fittest option
To replace Pac, mix him with Eminem and Nas and Common and Kendrick and Cole and maybe my n*gga Hopsin
Stop lyin' about your job, that's a false start, everybody knows that you still work at Walmart
Read the hallmark cards and pushin' all carts, tryna save up for a golf cart, pushin' a seg like Paul Blart
I'm off-kilter, post a picture without filters, I make hits and these people catch 'em like outfielders
I had sex with a MILF, her son watchin' Bob the Builder, don't unleash the beast, it's Jumanji, I feel like Robin Williams
Who you know that do it better than I? Tuck Everlasting with the flow because it never could die
I'm on a flight, you the caterpillar on the Bug's Life
Even if I gave you wings, bro, you never could fly
I'm the truth I never would lie, Liar Liar, Jim Carrey, they been scary I'm Michael Myers
Y'all should retire, I pay the phone like Mekhi Phifer, please don't step into my cyphers, somebody gon' pay the piper
If Peter Piper picked the pickled pepper, he'd be sweatin', I could eat a ghost one and flow somethin' hot as ever
I'm Allen Iverson, I was born with the talent, talkin' 'bout practice, you could have it and still not be better
You like the three blind mice, you never see the cheddar, Albert Einstein with the flow cause everything I speak is clever
There's ten things that I hate about you rappers, if you try to come at me it'll be a dark night, Heath Ledger, b*tch

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