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[Verse 1: Lil West & Night Lovell]
Do you know?
How the problems you make and how more I can take?
I mean, things gon'
Fall apart, then it break, nothing more I can say
I keep all these f*cking problems in my brain
I keep saying to myself that I'm so lame
I don't really f*cking know what I became

Tell these n*ggas stay the f*ck outside my lane, ayy
Make it stop, we divided, can't fight it
Done hiding, need guidance
I'm dying, lil' baby, I'm dying, no
I'm back inside the basement, my location
I promise that I'll wait for you 'cause I got patience
I just wanna know why you be falling for me
I left in the morning, now you calling for me
I just want that f*cking pus*y, b*tch, I'm craving
I like when you put it on me, that's my favorite
That b*tch got me feeling like it's mental slavery
Still I'm f*cking with you, b*tch, I got some bravery, done

[Interlude: Lil West]
For you, I knew, I knew
Where you was hiding all along

[Verse 2: Lil West]
She want me to save her (Save her), f*ck all of my haters (Haters)
I'm living too dangerous (Dangerous), my life is amazing
I'm probably the n*gga they hating
She switch up on me 'cause I made it
Things ain't what it seem when you famous
They don't see all the money I'm making
Who do you want from me? Who do you want?
You want a lot of me, then tell me you wanna be done
Give me your honesty, haven't asked for a lot
You never ride for me, so I think it's better to stop, oh, oh, oh

[Outro: Lil West]
You never ride for me, oh, no, oh, oh
You never ride for me, oh, oh
Think it's better when we stop

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