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"Genius Freestyle 007"

[Joell Ortiz]
It takes me to another world
That JD out of Tennessee
French Hennessy, sent to me
Cinnamon Fireballs
They all remedies
To help me chase down bunnies like Yosemite

[Bodega Bamz]
Sambuca, Italiana, fake hooters
By the bar, just to buy the bar with a sucia
Red label, Johnnie Walker to my carro
Three shots, four shots
Now I’m a guapo

[Nitty Scott]
Blow chavo, pop mo’
I’m Frida Kahlo on the block, follow
Might hollow your avocado
And I been to Boca
Straight brown, I like it mocha
If you spill it on my linens
I promise I’m going loca

[Joell Ortiz]
Oh ma, you fancy? Cool
You do mimosa
I’ma keep it ohla
Remy and Coca-Cola

[Nitty Scott]
Ya n*ggas my hijos, un poquito coquito

[Bodega Bamz]
Round of mojito
I'm celebrating with my people

[Joell Ortiz, Nitty Scott, Bodega Bamz]

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