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"XXL Freshmen 2015 Cypher – Part 3"

[Verse 1: DeJ Loaf]
Don't give a f*ck if they put ten million on you
I'mma still come out like a villain on you
I ain't have no co-signs or no big homies
I had to make my own plays, call blitz on 'em
I don't know, it's just my voice and my style
I don't know, I just appeal to the crowd
Cold heart, making cold decisions
When they told me that I couldn't, man, I went out and did it
I didn't, stop, not once 'til I finished
I did it all by myself, man, God is my witness
Said I can't be broke, I rather be in prison
This sh*t ain't no joke, why these n*ggas pretending
Know n*ggas locked up, who ain't seen they children
I say, life just ain't fair, man this sh*t is a gimmick
That's why, I don't follow polls, I just follow my spirit
b*tch I do what I wanna, living life, no religion
I say my style so crazy, I don't know where I get it
And stop asking me the prices like you gon' go and get it
I just speak on real sh*t and real n*ggas f*ck with me
Aye, that's all it is
I say, I'm freshman feeling like a junior
Cause all these b*tches they my sons, yeah, they my jr's n*gga
I swear, I can't be f*cked with
I can't be f*cked with
I can't be f*cked with
I can't be f*cked with

[Verse 2: Fetty Wap]
Aye, aye, yeah baby
Look, RGF the mothaf*ckin' island aye, aye yeah baby
For Zoo Gang n*ggas know I'm whilin' aye, aye yeah baby
I let her make the money keep piling aye, yeah baby
I'm so RGF the muthaf*ckin' island aye, aye yeah baby
2015 is the new year baby
Fetty Wap but call me Zoo Vier baby
I be cruising in the new year baby
Aye, yeah baby

[Verse 3: Shy Glizzy]
Marquis King December 12th, 1992
Pops deceased in '93 so shout out to Ma Dukes
Hit the lean with corn syrup, if they buy it they fools
n*ggas buy they b*tch a bag before they buy 'em a tool
Look it, I'm that dude, I'm not lying to you
I'm doing fine and you
Can't say the same about them other dudes
I pull moves and bust the pot down with some dirty dudes
Until I found out they was ratting down on other dudes
And see that's just against the hustler rules
That's what we don't do, that's what I won't do
Don't ever let a b*tch n*gga feel comfortable
He get a name he act like he was never was under you
GG, jefe

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