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"Think Before You..."

[Hook: Jahdan]
Use caution, son, ey
You better watch the friends you keep, yo, ey
Yo, yo, yo, yo, do better, son
Careful how you walk these streets, yo

Setting and betting, he drip drop dodge the felonies
Taught him and trained, straight up playin' on these melodies
Thinkin' he's straight up, but sprayin' on these melodies
I bounce on keys, from here, to A to Z
Pages of life, turned created the breeze
Force hittin' my knees, fire burns a zillion degrees
Each one, teach one, that goes for self
Tighten my belt, picture desires, in life, I watch it melt
Let it fill alone, I sizzle, and grizzle and put it on
It's still my mic, confuse, like the a-bomb
It's gettin' drastic, D, I use my wizardry
And straight up, the microphone in telepathy

[Chorus: Afu-Ra]
You better think before you wack
You better watch the way you talk
I get crazy after dark
I'm type wicked with my art

Let me just say, the way it's going, it's like
Everybody, showing, how some of them
Just keep on informin', on themselves, selves, selves


Mistrust, the justice is chasing us

Your only intentions is to be breakin' us

Uh, crooked cops on the block, straight up, is framin' us

So annoy yourself, watch yourself, I keep your a-pole
Before me left, you layin', now you want blood pool
You seem quick, you loose lips, we sink ships, ey
We got that nuff mix, so come yourself, and run this
You heard, hit the word, it's the style, it's perverted
We get loose on this track, and then we splurge, kid
We out of mind, or we just don't care
Shoot 'em in the head, to bust they dead, we gettin' weary
Puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh, we have nuff shots to share

[Chorus 2X]


You know I did it again, I do it again
I do it again, past tense, yo, I did it again
What, how could I come with that influential
Quintisential, pore puzzles created by molecules
I take it round and round, now round and round
Flexin' Blackie Chan up in your part of town

Yo, this be the buttoned down, massive, come, come now
Hear this, them tighter you no wanna miss
Through out court, out the fire, but you did the chris
Lyrics annoint, we hit the target every time, son
Use your mind, to overcome, slip the grounds, son
My protocon, is profound, son



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