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"Nuttin’ Move"

[Scratch Hook] {x4}
"Stop smiling, be still, don't nothing move but the money" - Havoc 'Microphone Master (41st Side Remix)'
"Das EFX here to turn it out" - Dray 'Microphone Master (41st Side Remix)

[Verse 1]
We're biggity back and in stereo
So check the here we go it's from the Tio
It's biggity been a while but still the style good to G.O
Like a Tracker
Now who the rapper coming with the rawness?
Can't avoid this, I higgity hit you with the hardest
(Bomp bomp!)
Illuminati times bring Illuminati rhymes
n*ggas plan on doing mines, here's a n*gga's crew will find
(Biggity booya!)
I'll bring it to ya with my best ability
You punks be killing me
I'll riggity rock it till there's steel in me

Well stiggity sound it off
(One, two!)
Sound it off
(Three, four!)
I'm biggity back to riggity rock the miggity mic once more
I'm n*ggity next up in the batters box
Dreadlocks with jiggity jewels in my chatterbox
Hit Squad we knock n*ggas on they ass
Figgity fast as they get saturated
It ain't my fault assigity-ssault was aggravated
Yiggity you know
That iggity I know
That yiggity you know
We diggity drop hits like tiggity Tyson dropped Bruno

[Scratch Hook]

[Verse 2]

Shibbity bop shibbity boop
Look at the scoop that I drop
Biggity back on your block and bringing the Real Hip Hop
You know the half, my staff be caught up in the zone
Riggity rock the microphone, the home grown keep me zoned so
They used to call me "Shorty Doo Wop"
And now I push an ouopp on your boulevard
Don't make me have to pull your card
Rookie, my n*gga boogie bang yo what the deal?
n*gga tell me how ya feel
Spiggity speak and keep it real son

Figgity f*ck the riddle
I n*ggity knock the monkey out the middle
I caught him figgity faking
Move over bacon it's the sizzle
Not the lean the higgity huskie
Slang be never rusty
Siggity sick puppy
You giggity gon' have to bust me
The miggity million dollar mop top is chop chop
Break it down, push back your wig like drop top

Knock, knock

[Das EFX]
Who dat?

It's PMD

[Das EFX]
True dat

Show me where they crew and who to f*cking shoot at

"It's me that n*gga P" - Dray 'Microphone Master (41st Side Remix)'

"A special guest on my show"

[Verse Three: PMD]
Well underground's where I've been dwelling
Crusty beats from the cell and
Light the third railing
I roast that ass and bust your brain
Selling out
Is a no no
(For who?)
For the MD slow flow
(What you do?)
I stick to hardcore B-Boy like DC sticks to Go Go
So, what's with the f*cking low blowing n*ggas out
My style dark and strong like some f*cking Guinness Stout
'Bout time you heard it
I word it like you should
Kid, I represent the hood I got it good I wish you would
I'm smashing, bashing, ain't with the flashing
No crashing long as the checks keep on cashing
It's fine and dandy, hand skills is handy
You get slammed B, Jawbreaker like a candy
I heard you p*ssing
Flashing but you're missing
You need to listen
Now say "ahh" let me p*ss in
Your mouth
Now how's about that you stupid n*gga?
f*cking flashback from the Gold Digger

[Scratch Hook]

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