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"Get That Dough"

[Beanie Sigel]
Get, that, dough
Still huggin the strip
Get, that, dough
Get the dough n*gga (that dough)
Uhh uhh, Sig' get, that, dough
Uhh.. yo, uhh.. yo (get, that, dough)

I'm sick of n*ggas talkin bout they whips - when they bustin 'em out
Summertime come around, don't nuttin come out
Snappin on they b*tch, cussin her out
Mad cause they crack, ain't no crack, they sufferin a drought
Man you know how Mac play when I sling my butter
Take my show state to state like the Ringling Brothers
Keep clowns high-wired off the sh*t I juggle
F.B.I. eyes spyin from the sh*t I smuggle
Keep the trunk of the car lined with coffee grounds
The cops pull us over it throw off the hounds
Got a b*tch that let me stash sh*t in the crib
Break her off, every week, to fix up her wig
Man I stay on a mission with whores (sh*t)
Cause I get down, and "Get Around," like the late Mr. Shakur
Stay in the kitchen with raw
I'm the sh*t when I whip, I always turn two into four

Yo, get your mind right, get your grind right
Til you get the shine right and get, that, dough
Stay on the low-low, duckin the po'-po'
Tuck in the fo'-fo' and get, that, dough
You get your team right, and that's the green light
To cut your cream right and get, that, dough
It won't stop y'all, until I drop y'all
I'mma hug the block y'all and get, that, dough

Yo, aiyyo I got plenty dough, but there's more to make
And I'm the chef, I bake, I don't order cakes
If I'm short, sh*t you caught a break
I can make twenty look like twenty-eight off of water weight
I'm the sh*t when I'm twistin my wrist
In the kitchen with that thang that got fiends skitzin to hit
From the drugs that I drug in, the NARCs be buggin
I keep my eye on the block and a pie in the oven
Smokers come straight, I ain't breakin off nuttin
Got two thirty-eights, I can break off a dozen
You know how Mac play, when it come to that yea
I got 'em locked up on the block like it's crack day
I f*cks with the pipers, ducks from the bikers
Punks on the righteous, bust at the sheisters
Stay in the kitchen with a block of raw
Razor blade play partner straw, yo


Yo, yo, aiyyo I cops that coke, cooks that coke
Chops that coke and give out perks work
Makes that dough, gets them ends
How you want it dog, pipe or syringe?
Aiyyo I hit the block quickly, and lick up a fifty
Tear the highway like Freeway Ricky
Spit it my way and pop sh*t sickly
Til the Feds come and get me or the lead bullet hit me

[Hook 2X]

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