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Back to the woods

[Verse 1: Son of Light]
Yo, I gots to be on my way (Say what?)
The future holds what I'm looking for
Always one day away
I sleep eyes wide open when the dream don't come
Close my eyes and recite at the sound of the drum
Hold the breath from the vacuum with a hole in my lung
Moving tracks [?] cause my limbs be numb
I stay sharp like the blade on my tongue
And reside under the black sun
Systematically out of order
Screaming, when I caught her
A glimpse of sky reflecting the water
Chasing mad shadows, calm under stress
I guess [?] maintains pressure on my chest
Lyrics bless me, yes
Spreading my wings and then I fall
To back at the sound of the [?]
I want it all cause in god I trust
Might just hit you with a crush when I rush
It's all brand new, not a damn thing changed
Rearranged, hitting pictures out of the frame
Born apathetic this is why I fear y'all
TP turn the sound down so I can hear you

[Hook: Tommy Tee]
N-Light-N, rebirth of Light make him shine
Wanna get through mine, rhyme, tactics are dime
Cause we're back with the new sh*t
TP, new sh*t
Make the world turn

[Verse 2: Son of Light]
Shine with passion
Deliver small [?] like rations
Sporting my ethereal fashion
I faction all my rap action
Pitch black, like a raven
No safe haven
If you turn out to be a pain
How we do, got you through
Rap distortions, weak track
Should've been abortions
Spots on the carpet [?]
When I spark it
Torch darker than [?]
Touch my heart, you and I forever
Got you on lock we together
To many dumb heads think they're clever
Sharp blades that sever
Dysfunctional parts
Punching into the dark
And run away [?]
You wanna battle?
Bring your rattle, do your voodoo
You be a blind man on a rabid horse and no saddle
Who you anyway?
Got flavor anyway
Renegade persona like Ernest Hemingway
The beacon of my district shines, three ways
Trinity list it like the butter on the biscuit
When the rhyme on time yo
Straight from the boom box
Beat that makes the sun melt
Remedy that makes the moon drop
Natural forces in your boom box
Check out the way my platoon rocks
From rivers to rooftops
From day, remote controlling mic golden
Look through the exterior Excalibur I'm holding

We [?] in the queens land
Y'all remember me

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