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[Verse 1: Beanie Sigel]
Uhh, roll a L and burn a incent
It's like magic when I invent
This sh*t that I present
Yo, turn my levels up a izinch
And drop the treble down the pizinch
And let the bass commence
To relax your nerves
It's like a paintin' with no color 'til I attach the words
My mind the brush, my life the canvas, the world, the easel
Combines a perfect picture for people.. uhh
My words is colorful like autumn
The way they fall on the track like leaves when I record 'em.. uhh
There's nothin' like it when I write it
And I don't print it, I invent it and predict it like a psychic.. uhh
Pull down the shades on the windows of your soul
And gaze into your mind and watch the wisdom unfold
I was taught when your vision's impaired
The wisdom is there
A message from big homie couldn't-have sent it no clear.. uhh
I know the flow is like hypnotic (hypnotic)
And tightest tip when I drop it with no particular topic (topic)
Type sh*t that can't be bitten, so stop it
Type sh*t that can't be re-written on copy
By Kinko, Kodak, Fuji films.. uhh
Kin-folk know that groovy hymns.. uhh
Spit by him'll put the gospel to you
Catch some little higher learnin' from a sermon once I drop it to you
Hypnotic... hypnotic... hypnotic...
My flow is like hypnotic...
The flow is like hypnotic...
My flow is like hypnotic... uhh

[Verse 2: Memphis Bleek (Jay-Z)]
Yo, yo so roll a L and light a incense
It's like magic when I event
This sh*t that I present
It's not a secret when I speak it
I know that hatin' is invisible, but dog I could peep it
It's like a preacher preachin' his scripts or psychic readin' a palm
Lines give me what I write in the song
The book is now open so let the story be told
I enter through your mind and exit the back of your soul
That could push you to some insight
I shine like a headlight
Pick any dime I'm that nice
Words is a cure that help me heal up a heart
Words can become that evil game that help me get what I want, uhh
You start where you end, you end where you start
I am the light of the situation, I overshine dark
Give you the pen, the book, the word, the truth, the sight, the mind
I put it down, you call it a rhyme, I call it a sign
I predict the unpredictable
Heaven is invisible, but hell is in physical, is in physical
Let me stop with the spiritual.. whoa
Let me spit at you, show you how to move with no vehicle
Come through your speakers
Enter your ear, end up in paragraphs
Tellin' your man of what you hear
'Cause, when I spit it I often roll it tighter than chronic
Style's versatile, meanwhile it's hypnotic
Hypnotic... hypnotic... uhh
My style is just hypnotic...
My style is just hypnotic... (uhh, uhh)
My style is just hypnotic... (uhh, uhh)

[Verse 3: Jay-Z]
Pass the dutchie if you is ill
Take one to the grizzill
Tell me what you fizzill
It's like a complicated puzzle unravelin', mind travelin'
With no particular flight patterin'
Speak the language of the lizand
Desert feeds worm, worm feeds falcon, falcon feeds man.. uhh
Only the strong survive
So if you along for the ride
Strap your boots and leave your thongs aside.. uhh
We experience turbulence on urban environments daily
Rarely it's acquired, we riot like Israelis
Why am I here? That question overwhelms me
I am a gangsta, Dr. Melfi couldn't help me
I am a thinker, my mind fixes all that ills me, the perfect elixir
I trust mines will never fail me (uhh)
I let my speech unfold, I reach deep inside the seed of my soul
And I got it, hypnotic... hypnotic.... uhh, uhh
My style is just hypnotic... geah
My style is just hypnotic... uhh, uhh
My style is just hypnotic... uhh, uhh
My style is just hypnotic... uhh, geah
My style.. hypnotic.. uhh, uhh
And we out, we out

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