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"No Rest for the Wicked"

It's that real hip hop

[Verse 1:]
There ain't no rest for the wicked I ain't never resting
Ever since birth dog i've been destined
Even as a child I was young and restless
Used to spit rhymes till I was breathless
Pushed the skills to the limit I always test it
Now I tried and test it now I well invested
Knowing that i'm destined I am never stresting
Do you f*cking hear me testing testing
A legend in this game like [?]
Ima enter the stage like smith and wesson
Take the game and I wrecked an dissect it
Cause my style's majestic and i've been elected
I've never been a snitch I don't know confession
So if y'all a snitch i'll explode your section
You have no time to think when we knock a second
You dealing with number 1 so y'all be second

You soft then you dead that's your last bet
Then it's off with yo head like an Aztec
N.B.S and snowgoons wrote the mastext
Now we out in Canada getting ass next
Rolling with Aspects make your last bet
Now it's off with yo head like an Aztec
N.B.S and snowgoons wrote the mastext
Now we got in all smash we with Aspects

[Verse 2:]
We strip down to yo rap flow
Ma goonies roll joints and let the gack go
We don't really f*ck with you as*h*les [?]
I am, have you watch the cash flow with spend
Who better than nursing this man
Eat fast I speed past you weak ass
Too cold to catch a heat rash
n*ggas crash when I spas i'm so official
Got young homies collecting ma cash who hold the pistol
It's on watch ma dukies perform like what's the issue
Catch us riding through Canada smoking sideway in Canada
Aspects rocking with N.B.S bandanad up
It's that big bank gang and goon musick
Never ask how we doing this we sh*tting on n*ggas stupid
Traveling off of music we sky high we skydive
With no parachute in the snow blizzy
Or is it the vets go get it no quit is it yet
Hoe n*ggas so bitter cause they know what we got


[Verse 3:]
I'm so high i'm on Venus the flow genius
If yo chick know me it's cause i'm throwing p*nis
Down the neck like a bowtie i'm hung like a clothes line
And I get her wet but you so dry
Still rocking Tuxedos i'm the gold kind
Got some new toys got rid of the 09
Squeezing trigger at you n*ggas tryna flow rhyme
Y'all getting no credit dog f*ck a co-sign
I got connects from ma old times
And now that the dough rise you bosses
Getting at me for whole pies
When I was moving weight back in 05
Y'all n*ggas had no pride all of a sudden n*ggas is so live
That's appalling a squad remains all in
Never stalling money gets you hauled in
You lames starving f*ck that name calling
Cause ma game's balling n*gga James Hardin

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