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"Don’t Ya Just Love It"

[Geechi Suede]
Centipede, set it in seven speed
Crooks ceremony crawlin' out the cranberry breeze
Thai and Hawaiian, tattoo your fantasy island
Pneumonic neolites, life prowlin'

[Sonny Cheeba]
Pulled out the punisher
This ain't the run of the nil
Shoot the valkyrie
Rockin' out the trunk of the Seville
Hit the predator
? and Megatron blast on the 80 blocks
Some planet where saints are the savage

[Geechi Suede]
Glamour coalition, new inspection
We trespassin' in your section
Offshore accounts in Barcelona
Watch Apollonia, ridin' Ramona
Rubic's Cube sittin', twinkle on the index
Aimin' it asymmetrical at your apex


[Geechie Suede]
Everglade wave, made out of rose gold
Old gold, let my Oldsmobile, I'm Fonzlo
Bank robbin', briefcases of bric-brac
It's calamity when cartridges come out the clap
Subtract those that don't render subservient
Servin' 'em a half time and this won't be the last time

[Sonny Cheeba]
Mayday, mayday
Come in, come in
Committing airwave robberies as I commence the spins
Gator bait out the cylinder, 8 watches, Cicely Tyson
A hero is a nothing but a sandwich
Cheeba be the sun and ?
Feedin' them the sound of
80 Blocks from Tiffany's

At Saks lookin' for the Giuseppes with the gladiator strap
This the flow of the century
My b*tch bad, but it's all good
We lookin' to see intimacy in Italy
Soulo, the senile will remember me
This the Nile River on the beach, shall I motherf*ckin' proceed
Oliver Peoples on top of my pupils
My n*gga, this is what a pro sees
You never did a walkthrough for 4 Gs
You shavin' points like the game had a goatee
I silence the lamb, and now the goat's me
Scary, like writin' rhymes in the cemetery
Next to someone you knew that was buried
Berry Gordy, no Motown
Probably up in your town or clumsy in the Garden of Eden
Knockin' hoes down

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