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"Ruff Ryder’s Anthem (Remix)"

[Intro: Swizz Beatz]
This thing right here
Is for my peoples in the streets
And this thing right here
Will get your ass off your feet

[Verse 1: Drag-On]
They call me Drag-On, when it's time to bomb
I burn em all, til they all say turn em off
Cause these chips, I'mma run em all
Chickenheads, know I, be the Colonel
Cause I burn eternal, mixed wit the inferno
So be careful, 'fore I burn you
You better learn dude, yeah I heard you
But I'mma hurt you, but you don't know?
My versatile, is a virtue
Ruff Ryders be the team, which means
A lot cream, lot of schemes
Lot of beams to make your stock drop, right on the seams
n*gga here is too hot and too much for you to touch
Better tell your man cause I'm too tough
Indubitably, too dust
Do you bust? Cause we do
You need to ask the people, but quietly
But they don't believe until they leave violently
Is you buying this?
Cause n*ggas that purchased is under the dirt kid
They call me Drag-On; I'm the youngest but get bonkers
Collabo' wit my dogs from Yonkers
But this Bronx bombers spittin' flame
So you better wear your armor
Flame on!

[Hook x2: DMX]
My dogs gon' stop , your dogs gon' drop
And then we gon' shut 'em down, open up shop
First we had em like "ohhh"
Now they like "nooo!"
What baby?!! That's how Ruff Ryders roll

[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
When I pop up, I lock shop up, pull the drop up
Park a block up, hit the alarm, put the top up
Stash the 'dro in my sock then pull my sock up
And keep the burner but if it's hot put my Glock up
You know what I'm about, slidin off get my c*ck sucked
Or writin rhymes watching Scarface in the hot tub
Whatchu wanna bet, when I pull it out
If you don't shout that every bullet'll go in and out
Who you know besides 'Kiss take the p*ss in the bottle of Crist'
And then give it to a modelin b*tch
And you like your watch plain, I'mma flood mine
Alligator bloodline trained to find coke and bite one time

[Verse 3: Styles]
Y'all n*ggas ain't hearin me out, til I pop up
Appear in your house, clearin it out, holiday style
Everybody actin violent and wild
Snatch the wife silence the child, that's how we move
Kill me my man kill you, that's how you lose
I Ruff Ryde, I don't like to slide felt that I slipped
Then the gun's only helpin the clip
And the clip's only helpin my hand
And like who the f*ck is helpin your man?
When I c*ck back and hop out the van
Double R, get a job, play the sh*t in the car
Hit a party start a fight at the bar, and snatch your R
Sell your sh*t for some coke and get the f*ck out of Dodge

[Verse 4: Eve]
Guess you figured that my n*ggas, flippers, pullin triggers
News team crowd around, tryin to flick a picture
Get witcha, this b*tch from Illadelph marches quicker
n*gga not makin sense better stay up off the liquor
Blonde bombshell, car-a-mel, heavy spender
Groups be sayin I'm they sister, hush ya mouth 'fore I hit ya
Stickin in wiseguys, fake thugs, and bullsh*tters
Take you for a ride, cover up your eye, then I get ya
Used to be shy-er, now I'mma Ruff Ryder
Big n*ggas play me close, when they used to ride by her
Snatchin up your figures, frontin, know you dig us
Haters, screamin, "who that b*tch?"
Mind your business n*gga


[Interlude: DJ Clue]
Mad shout out, Donnie Brascoe
Big Skate, Duro

[Verse 5: DMX]
The X is gonna hit y'all n*ggas hard, leave y'all n*ggas scarred
f*ckin' with the Dog when you f*ckin' with the God
Rip y'all n*ggas off, faggot n*ggas soft
Remember me from up North, I had you scared to cough
My name is ringin' bells in penitentiary cells
I'm making thugs rebel, ain't hard to tell
You never really wanted it, so the mic you jumped in front of it
Outta sixteen shots I'mma hit, which one of you n*ggas am I gonna get
Thought you knew what I was gonna spit, this time with this rhyme
But by the end of it, y'all n*ggas is gon' be like, "Yo X ripped it!"
Did my thing as usual it's never gon' stop
Them cats can't be for real, I got this sh*t locked!
Is that a game or a joke? Say the name or get smoked
Simple as that, simple as black, to the throat
Hit em all up to the coat, now you losin your life
A dog is a dog for life!

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