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"F.A.G. (Fake Ass Gangsta)"

(Lil' Fame and Billy Danzini)
You fake rappers get the boot
Sprayed like brew, I'm shootin f.a.g.'s at they video shoot
I bump your ass off quick, so yo, muthaf*ck karate, boy
Don't f*ck around and make me catch a batty boy
You ain't nothin but a f.a.g., you fake-ass gangsta
You n*ggas don't want it with the Famester
Bringin it to you gon' be the last, kid
I'm ready to blast, kid
Aiyo, let's take it to they ass, kid
Billy Danz, the o.g
The n*gga that you fake-ass gangstas can't see
I'm willin to die for my respect
If I have to I will let
So I walk with a fifth and I pray to a f*ckin tec
In '93 I calmed down
But now these so-called gangsta-ass n*ggas got gased
Herbs are not ready, derelicts are petty
n*gga, I be your worst nightmare like I was Freddy
n*ggas be actin sweet, claimin they packin heat
Get a rugged peek and wanna talk about the street
You n*ggas ain't livin trife
And rappers that's claimin that they underground
I put they ass under ground for life
Wait, I'ma set that ass straight
Herbs only perpetrate
But look, my burner don't discriminate
All race, creed, shape, breed
Anytime's fine with me
You f*ckin f.a.g

(Front, I make it a thrill to kill)
(Straight up and down, act like you want a confrontation)

(Lil' Fame)
Here it is for you n*ggas that chastise the game
It's M.O.P., n*gga, recognize the name
I'm beatin down punks and breakin down chumps
When he stroll I hit him with the old brown pump
Because we're goin all out, word to Miz
You n*ggas gotta get it like Jason got his
n*gga, your whole sh*t'll be rearranged
Because I'ma give em a buck fifty and let em keep the change
Another n*gga smoked, oh Lord
Because he just finished watchin 'Menace', he musta thougth he was O-Dog
Ass out for the last n*gga that wanted drama
Because I smoked him with the 9mm lama
You fake thugs ain't bustin slugs, please
A muthaf*cka like you deserve 12 to your mug piece
So all you n*ggas start makin tracks
Because there's too many phoney baloney muthaf*ckas fakin jacks
I go to work for my joint, muthaf*cka, you know me
It's the one and only, and M.O.P
Gunsmoke when I defeat a man
Because I smoke muthaf*ckaas like the 9mm man

(Billy Danzini)
Plow! You b*tch-ass n*gga, you better walk
Only with my muthaf*ckin burner will I talk
See, I'm from the Marks, and that makes me a marksman
Wanna know tonight? My fifth be talkin
Fake gangstas drive by and try to hit me with a clip full
What kinda sh*t is he tryin to pull?
All you b*tch-ass n*ggas got to be jacked
Tryin to get wreck, squeezin out nothin when bustin your tec
I'm Billy Danz, overseer of the underground
Hillfigure, yo, b*tch n*gga, I get down
What I be on is the untold truth of a livin hell
So one of you b*tch n*ggas is comin up out of his shell
M.O.P. goin out till the end
This is how we separate the boys from the men
Real n*ggas that's ill n*ggas that kill n*ggas
The beaver that sneak with his finger on the trigger
Fake gangstas got mad war stories to tell
About how many muthaf*ckas they blew up in jail
They said their camp was mad deep and they had crazy pull
That little b*tch, but now he snitched like Sammy the Bull

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