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"Have Mic, Will Travel Part 2"

[Verse: Son of Light & Tech-Rock]
Once upon a time we did a show up north
The sh*t was live
With the squad gods speeding and we started to drive
Me and Tech-Rock and the winter was at hand
A blizzard was coming, it's effect was numbing
An hour passed and Tech asked
''Feeling sleepy?''
I responded
''No, but I can't see sh*t my visions freaky''
He said
''Just keep your eyes on the road
Don't wanna go by the like wrong truck
Cause I'mma have my brains splattered all over the mountain structure''
Well he was nervous, and talked to much
I felt tired
''If you crash, I'm gonna be late for work and then I'm gonna be fired.''
(''Oh whatever'')
''We got like 12 hours up in the studio back in Oslo
And I don't wanna show up with a face looking like it's painted by Piccaso''
Then I fell asleep
''Hey ya, wake up bro. Or the rescue folks will have to dig us out of the snow tommorow
Hey yo Lighty wake up and put your hands back on the wheel grip
Cause there's a telephone pole standing there in the middle of the snow drift''
''No, no, no, no, no, no''

''Hey you awake''
Came to my senses strapped to a bed
My legs were aching
Flinched at the light confused by this rude awakening
Tried to turn my head when a voice proclaimed
''You're okay''
''Ah you remember my name''
Utterly confused I said
''Yeah, but what happened''
''You fell asleep, the car crashed, you passed out
I managed to put my hands on the dash and drag you out from the car wreck
When someone hit me over the head
With a blunt object''
Hmm that sounded familiar, I looked around me
The room was empty except for the ray of light that suddenly found me
(''Thats's her, that's her'')
(''what's that'')
A shadow in the doorway
A voice colder than ice
''Hello guys, come the way to catch you. Close your eyes.''
Not good, Tech spitted
''No, no, no. We don't need your medication
This ain't a hospital and all. We're not your patients''
''Tech slow down, okay''
''You're not a nurse, in fact you look more like Jason
You are the one who oughta be strapped down
And trapped inside a basement''
Okay, Tech's big mouth didn't exactly improve our situation
She inserted me with a syringe and my eyes started blazing
My world started spinning, a sinister face grinning
It's a day to race against time, was beginning
I slurred the words
''Please get me out of this bag''
And blacked out 'till I heard my heart pounding in my head
''Hey ya, I thought you was dead''
Back to reality
''Yo, I've think I might have found a way, straight out of this misery.''
''Narrow mentality you're name's not Houdini
And this ain't Star Strek since Scotty baby, you can't beat me.''
And then he laughed and said
''You've been out for a long time
I found a hatch in the wall
And a ladder we could climb''
I asked
''How did you get loose''
And he replied
''With a pair of pliers
She left them after she stitched your cuts after the (?)''
Genius I thought time to make an escape
But of course she reappeared and screamed out
''It's too late''

Tech fled through the hatch while he said
''Just wait here, I'll be right back''
''Right, I'll just chill with Grandma Bates here
And a six pack''
She drugged me and whispered calmly
''Show you where''
Meanwhile Tech's in the ventilator system
''I'm trapped like a pearl in a clam, damn''
He slammed his hand on a metal plate
And it fell out he fell down
''Gotta get Light and get the hell out''
Spotted me on a stretcher with the b*tch bent over me
Laughing like a lunatic and Tech said sobery
''You're about to meet your destiny''
She said
''You already met it
If you try to confront it
You're gonna regret it
Look at these walls and tell me what do you see''
''Don't look at them''
Tech looked around and found it difficult to breathe
Told us of departed rappers
''Yeah, but what about them''
''I'm the one who takes mens fate so my hand will be faster''
''So you're saying you killed 'em''
''I just beated up the inevitable''
''b*tch that story doesn't sound very credible
But here's what we're gonna do
Now I verbally dismantle you
Then I'm gonna take you down to the floor and f*cking battle you''
Metaphors of fire, syllables making kills
Followed by heatseeking sneakers
And deadly windmills
She dissapeared in a cloud of foul smelling smoke
(''Shrapnel baby'')
And then we awoke, way back at the crash site
Frozen blood on our faces, (''what is this'') realizing
We had the same hallucination
Realizing the path of life had never been straighter
We met death in person, and barely escaped her

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