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[Verse 1: Diaz]
I'm came from Spain with The Mudstained Trubby sound lugly
But if you step it gets ugly, so don't bug me
Or i'mma have to get the heat on, Pump jump up and get beat on
b*tches get peed on, cause they ask me to do that
Yo true that, T.P. on the stage and go who that
I never got plat' but this is where my heart is
I stay broke that's an artist keep rushing parties
You wanna start this, think about what your part is
And how serious for me this rap art is
I can show you what! working hard is
What! (?), or Who this trini, trini star is
You bout to witness how sixteen bars splits
And I don't care what the name of your f*cking car is
That sh*t provokes me like a guitarist
Don't make me show you what going too far is

[Hook: Opaque & Diaz] (x2)
We double up when it's on
Same year born mics get torn you've been warned
We double up when it's on
I've sworn to keep my word even when it's wrong

[Verse 2: Opaque]
Here shine on the crown
Chrome dragonbone, make female moan
At my mouth see the words get thrown
Well known in the Oslo zone
Ozone, lay a blown by the rhymes on my microphone
The stone eyes I sneak some cold other purpose
Grimy surface, but many moments abliss
I'm minister moral, just give me a kiss
I mow any obstacle so don't ever diss
I disclose actresses when their eyes leak order
Word transporter, snorting ports of porture
I ought to get my life in order quick
I stuck my head up the devils ass and just catch you a better stick
Caress magic, I magnetize all eyes as I rise
And supervise the merchandise that paralyze
I pierce your skin with claws and rip out your august
You have all reasons to fear the dragons

[Hook: Opaque & Diaz]

A dragon, born on 7E6
Back, the year of the 7E6
The dragon, born on 7E6
Back, the year of the 7E6

[Verse 3: Diaz]
From the chest I spit fire out the mouth barrel
Shine brighter than a sunny south carol
Let's can battle for mics or we can throw them away
Like these hoes that we lay I'm all out anyway

Okay chaos is given
For heavy bread and slick friends
Lies a edge, big sledge with the girls in bed spread legs
Street cred with my man, break heads like eggs
Bloodshed everybody in the way get ripped to shreds

Just like he said, we might set off a quarrel
You need to hold mouth cause

I got no moral

I roll with beef setters
Hussy champ sweaters
Everyday can't get us
Cops they can't get us

I laugh in the face of fear
And tweak the nose of terror
I shine and groove my beautiful exterior
Got inaccesible supplies of words ahead of ya
I gotta tell you my mouth got a superior diarrhea

[Hook: Opaque & Diaz] (x2)

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