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Big Tymers

"It's In Me"

[Verse 1]
When I start to spray, clear the way, or get shot
Cause once my gun c*ck, I then aim and pop
I'm a donkey n*gga, look here, a untamed gorilla
Wilder than real-a, T.C. representer
Known for spinnin Benz, spendin about fifty
Plus I'm quick to ride, and give it to you b*tches
I'm a no doubt n*gga, always have I always will
Uptown n*gga, young and thuggin, ready to kill
In my blood in my veins it be the way that I be
All I know is killin, murder drama no peace
A lil n*gga nineteen got off the porch early
I done did it all believe dat, ya heard me
n*gga who like testin ya nuts, don't you do it
I don't hesitate especially if you blew it
Your set I run - through it, like a mad man
Don't think I won't do it, leave your momma sad man

[Hook x2]
It's in me my n*gga to be the thug that I be
It's in me my n*gga to wear baguettes on Roley
It's in me my n*gga to wear - T's, 'Baud's, and Ree's
It's in me my n*gga, it's in me my n*gga

[Verse 2]
It's in my bloodstream wodie, to be the n*gga that I am
Sold gats split hash take a boy from his fam
Nothing but streets, sh*t - it's all a n*gga know
Knockin you off yo' feet, quick - that's all a n*gga know
Drive-bys and pull-ups I'm prepared any day
Thugging as usual I do dat every day
b*tch-n*ggas get roasted, if you're not from round my way
In the middle of the quarter in one of them hallways
Quick to spill ya blood, I'm real I ain't fake
Leave ya ass a murder scene in the middle of yellow tape
Put a hole in your thinking cap, you won't be thinking no more
n*gga you'll be put to nap
A young n*gga play it raw raw, and "X" ya b*tch-ass out
Me and my n*gga Rat quick to run up in yo' house
f*ck it, I goes out cause it's in me my n*gga
When it's a coke drought I tote a semi my n*gga

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I'm the one they're talkin about, original Hot Boy
Lil' Turk n*gga, run up and get shot boy
With a long gun, a K with rounds in it
A n*gga, shot at you're dome, when I'm spinning and bending
Non-stop cousin, the chopper a fool yea
Get ya n*gga mind right, that's what it do yea
Blood and brains, all over the streets
Is what you see n*gga, when ya f*cking with me
I'll do you something awful split ya sh*t real deep
Closed casket you had front you for your peeps
I get up in black, somebody dying tonight
Look, load up the mac, it's time to ride tonight
I'm disguise like a woman mask over my face
Gloves on my hand no evidence for the case
That's how I got it done, look, did it smart and smooth
If you don't want rouble look, n*gga better be cool

[Hook x4]

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