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Peso Peso


Chamberlain, he's got it
Somebody gotta speak on it
Ghetto Gospel sh*t

Baby girl 16, leavin' the WIC office
Brother two years older, tryna make they house a brick office
Mama in the kitchen smoking cigarettes, sh*t talkin'
But she wonder why her son outside Crip walkin'
He supposed to be in college right now, footballin'
Studyin' for finals but he worried about the plug callin'
Baby girl pregnant, still smokin', guess the drugs callin'
She ain't got no guidance 'cause her mama out her club walkin'
Jumping bar to bar just like her son, she out here plug stalkin'
Hopin' a rich n*gga want that pus*y so she can slick-talk him
Make a couple zips off him, then go and pay her rent off him
Meanwhile her son out here robbing for weed and pink dolphin
Baby girl still book-smart so her friends cheat off her
She tryna keep the bullies cool, she heard the football team talkin'
Only pregnant girl at school, she tryna keep the heat off her
Counselor say that it's gon' be okay but she just sweet talkin'
She don't know that her baby daddy grown, he out here white chalkin'
Or it could be this other lil' young n*gga she used to see often
Whole time the grown n*gga she was f*cking is her brother partner
And if her brother find out, she know he grabbin' choppers
Hatred stickers on her locker, "Pregnant b*tch, you a thot"
She ball it up, don't shed no tears and keep her head held high
She walk in the house and her mama sleepin' with the pressed pill guy
She f*ckin' for handlebars while her son riding the smokers' cars
Selling crack like candy bars, servin' weed like dealing cards
Banging C's and gang wars, he rockin' hard like twelve guitars
He was known to beat the odds until his whole life paused
When them Bloods slid by and the bullet hit his jaw
Shots on front and side the car, hospital rushin', wasn't far
His partner with him had to drive, he fainted twice, seein' stars
Made it to the ER, survived with a broken, punctured jaw
His sister came to see him but his mama still at the bar
Four months later the baby born and it look like his boy
His face done kinda healed but his nephew face ain't bringin' him no joy
His sister finally came out and said the baby daddy's Roy
The mama say she knew but now the brother wanna kill his boy
This n*gga 19 and tryna play his sister like a toy
He know his sister underaged, in school, she ain't no Almond Joy
Without no hesitation, he went left and pulled up straight on Roy
Pistol-whipped him twice and told him, "Why you f*ck my sister, boy?"
Roy was like, "I saved your life, cuz, you know what it was
Your sister came around me on them drugs, you know what that does
We only hit once, it was off a buzz, and I'm sorry, cuz
But I was the one that took you to the hospital when you was drippin' blood"
Brother mind racing, should he put his partner in the mud?
But who gon' raise his baby, this sh*t crazy how you did me, cuz
Mama out here lazy, grandbaby gon' be stiff as us
And he growin' quick as us, gon' see the same bullsh*t as us

Family, family
Family, family
Family, family (Drip)
Family, family (Ooh-wee)

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